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Death Grips: Bottomless Pit  



First we were praying for the death of “Jenny,” and now we are worshipping a pit. It’s hard being a fan of Death Grips man. It’s almost comical, the amount of shenanigans that accompany a Death Grips release. In fact, the lack of shenanigans surrounding this new record is so uncharacteristic of Death Grips it’s being classified as shenanigans. So why listen to them? I’ve heard Death Grips classified as everything from “meme rap” to “true patrician music.”  It’s a mess, an Anthony Fantano assisted mess, simultaneously endorsed and denounced by /mu/. They have records with vulgar covers, vulgar lyrics, vulgar beats, and it’s fucking fantastic. Their popularity is attributed in no small way to their eccentricity and their complete lack of apparent common sense. A master class in the unconventional. Got a new record? Leak it online. Just released an album? Sweet, now break up! Enjoying the hiatus guys? Awesome, now announce a new album in two weeks’ time. To say they are testing my patience would be an understatement. It’s the musical equivalent of Jackass.

However, they always release a record that fans lose their collective minds over. They fall into the realm of “you either get it or you don’t.” You have an MC who shouts depraved lyrics like he’s at a protest, and comes up with a few of the catchiest hooks I have ever heard. A producer and music engineer who comes up with the most bizarre beats I have ever witnessed, and finally a drummer so talented I have to sit back and just take it in a beat at a time. They don’t even have a damn genre. We tried calling them “industrial hip hop” then they started including guitars and sounding more like an insane punk band. I’m three coffees in and I am struggling to think of a way to properly describe them. It’s almost tribal at this point. Watch as Death Grips fans emerge from the void to post about how insane the new record is and how “noided” they are. Then Death Grips go and break up again. Being a fan is an infinite self reciprocating cycle of antagonism. We’re talking Game of Thrones Ramsay and Theon Greyjoy style torture here. Except it has a sweet soundtrack.

Death Grips have eight albums (that I can confirm). Each one wilder that the last. Exmilitary, the one with all the samples and Guillotine (Y U H). The Money Store, the commonly referenced “true patrician” album with several ten out of ten ratings. No Love Deep Web, the one with the… well the dick on the front. Government Plates, the semi instrumental one with the sick aesthetics. Fashion Week, the actual instrumental album. The Powers That B, the supposed “last album.” Then “Interview” comes out with more instrumentals, and now Bottomless Pit. Their discography is getting so complicated it reads like some Shelly-sold-sea-shells tongue twister than a list of recorded works.

So what should you expect on Bottomless Pit? Blast beats, slow tribal beats, frantic and skittish electronic drums from Zach Hill. MC Ride is shouting at you; he has that type of insane chant-esque voice that makes you want join a fight club. Flatlander once again brings the weirdest synth hits and bass that makes Skrillex and Diplo look like kindergarteners. Basically if you are reading this you either know about them or morbid curiosity got the best of you. For the fellow Death Grips fans, it’s LIT. Then again you are probably already listening with every spare second you have. Godspeed and stay legend y’all. To the inquisitive, if you want a sonic kick in the teeth, give this record a listen! Come join us in our circle of noided friends.



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