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Letters to Younger Selves

To me at four

Hey there kid,

You know that girl that you don’t like? The one that sits at the edge of the swimming pool when you’re having your lesson? Yeah, she’s gonna be your best friend at school. Smile at her once in a while — it’ll be worth it.

Also, the painting on the floor of the pool is scary but it’s not a giant octopus that’s trying to eat you. Don’t worry child.

— Yourself in fifteen years.


To me at five


So you met her and now you’re friends. But this isn’t like kindergarten where you could only have one friend due to the language barrier. You can speak English now. Get yourself out there, make some other friends. You never know how long you have with people. She won’t be there forever.

Cheer up bub,

— Yourself in fourteen years.


To me at eight

Hey calm down,

Breathe a little. Don’t get bogged down by the fact that you have to do the same times tables for the second week in a row. The teacher didn’t listen to you but thanks to that two weeks with Mama you know that you can do all of the times tables. Take this as a break, you’re already ahead.

Keep working hard,

— Yourself in eleven years.


To me at ten

Hey hey it’s okay,

You’ll be fine. I get it, your one friend is moving away. Guess Mama was right when she told you to get more friends. It’s gonna be fine though. Just take this as a learning experience. The next two years are going to be super hard but you’ll survive. You are stronger than the words that threaten to tear you down.

Don’t worry about anything. Just soften yourself. Don’t be so prickly small hedgehog.

— Yourself in nine years.


To me at twelve


I’m telling you, you’re fine. All of the insanity of primary school will be over soon. Just remember that lesson that you learned in Year Six and you will be fine. It’s tedious and tough right now but press on. 加油 Jia you!

— Yourself in seven years.


To me at thirteen

See?! What did I tell you?

Everything got better right? But check that you’re hanging out with the right people. Don’t hang out with people who create drama. It’ll just stress you out. Also hang out with smart people. You do best when there’s competition and you need to do well; with your life goals.

Plus, don’t be afraid of people just because of how you thought they were in primary school. Some of them will turn out to be your best friends… Hmm, just think that if you don’t like someone, they may end up being your best friend. It seems to be a trend.

— Yourself in six years.


To me at fifteen

Don’t cry child,

I know it hurts when people close to you die but just remember the good times together. Let those memories allow you to grow to be someone that the deceased person will be proud of. Don’t slack off, set your goals high. Don’t let this drag your down.

Also, ignore the haters. Including the ones in your head. They don’t control you.

— Yourself in four years.


To me at seventeen


You just needed to hear that.

 — Yourself in two years.


To me at eighteen

Hey there,

So, you did something meaningful with your life. I’m glad you found motivation through Myanmar. Try hard this year and give it all you’ve got. That’s all you can do, right? No matter what happens you have friends who are like a family. Don’t shy away from telling them. They love you and you should love you too. Have fun.

— Yourself in one year.


To me at early nineteen

I am so glad that you saw the light and moved home.

You’re so much happier now and you can think clearly again. I’m proud of what you’ve achieved. You’re doing so much better at adjusting now (Do I see tears of fear in your eyes anymore? Nope, so I’m super happy) and you’ve already made new friends. You’ve started to get your life back on track and you’ve found something that you love to do. I can’t say anything except that I am proud of you. Good job, really this time. Keep fighting on.

— Yourself, almost halfway through this year.


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