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The Weekly Planet

I present to you verbatim, The Weekly Planet’s intro theme: “Red hot comic book movie news: shooting up your butthole! [DUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUN] The weekly planet! The weekly planet!”
The Weekly Planet was the 2018 winner of the Australian Podcast Awards Popular Vote category. I’ve been a fan for a few years so this made my frickin day.
The typical episode, hosted by James Clement (also known as popular YouTuber Mr Sunday Movies) and Nick Mason “Maso”, begins with a conversation about the relevant movie/TV show news of the week, and sometimes random Australian news that is completely irrelevant, but somehow really funny, as they never fail to explain a little bit of context to their random patriot outbursts.
The weekly themes range from a season review of a show, to a breakdown of a genre of film (their Westerns episode is pretty great), to a SUPERHERO/VILLAIN SHOWDOWN. These are rare events that any fans of the podcast will know to cherish, as they produce stellar conversation by James and Maso who will debate the winner of a fight between two (or more) comic/movie/TV characters. Is it as dumb as it sounds? Yes. Do I get disproportionately excited when I see that they’ve recorded a new one? Yes. this podcast has been the first thing I do for myself on a Monday, on and off for the past few years, and it sets the tone for the rest of my week. Listening to a silly conversation about which James Bond would win in a James Bond showdown (Daniel Craig would win), is fun, lighthearted, and most importantly, it’s not American politics, or politics of any kind. Seriously, they never talk politics, and I bloody love it.

If you listen to an episode for its theme, you might be disheartened, as the news could go for a solid fifteen minutes. As a traditionalist for the art of red hot comic-book movie news shooting up your butthole (that’s right, your butthole), the news is golden and unskippable, but yeah, it does drag on if you’re just waiting for them to do the review on A Quiet Place and they keep talking about the upcoming Johnny English movie that no-one cares about. If the topic is a movie review, they’ll talk spoiler free for about five to ten minutes, depending on how spoiler-free friendly the film is. Being a YouTuber by main trade, James is in the habit of giving extreme ratings. The reviewed film is either the BEST MOVIE EVER or the WORST MOVIE EVER, and on very rare occasion does the film receive the rating of: it’s just a movie.

A few of their best episodes include:
194: D23 Baby Driver (with Edgar Wright) in which they interviewed Edgar Wright who had a cold at the time. James and Maso were really excited. Damn Edgar Wright is a cool guy.
162: Fantastic Beasts and Where are They or whatever (in the case) where Maso is happy about finally seeing a Harry Potter movie that has competent magical adults.
143: Dumb Movie Futures That Are Wrong one of the few episodes led by Maso, where he presents his list of old movies set in the future but which is now the past, and then they mock them for how embarrassingly wrong they are.
These two guys are delightfully chill and (mostly) refreshingly objective in their reviews. Overall, they’re fans of good movie/show content, which will annoy any die-hard DC Extended Universe fans, but as far as their topic selection is concerned, they don’t limit themselves to one fan-base over another. I really, really enjoy this podcast, and try make an effort to listen to their weekly updates. My only complaint is that not enough people listen to them, and I’m stuck with no-one to talk to about one of my favourite things.


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