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5 TV Shows that *Might* Fool Others into Thinking You’re a History Wunderkid

Victoria – 4/5

Want to pretend you know the Royal Family beyond Queen Liz, Wills, Kate and the newlyweds? Look no further than the period drama based on the matriarch to rule them all, the woman who succeeded the throne before even Queen Elizabeth could — Queen Victoria. Jenna Coleman shines in a British role that has nothing to do with Dr Who. With a narrative that resonates with women today, witness Queen Vic struggle to be taken seriously and avoid becoming the puppet of various powerful men. Romanticise history and take a deep sigh when recalling the lavish costumes and attires of days gone.
11.22.63 – 3.5/5
Stephen King’s sci-fi thriller adapted for the silver screen. It’s not the most historically accurate telling of the events surrounding American president JFK’s assassination (far from it) but boy is it a tense clusterfuck watching a time travelling James Franco trying to prevent it from ever occurring. Find yourself feeling sorry for Lee Harvey Oswald and surprisingly enjoying tender moments where Franco jeopardizes his mission by stopping to live a normal life as an English teacher in the 60s!
World War II in HD Colour – 5/5
It’s the second World War… in colour! If you’re like me and grew up thinking the past was actually black and white, get ready to have your horizons broadened. Showcasing original and colourised footage, the show provides valuable insights into the narrative of World War II. Recount details like the German military tactic known as Blitzkrieg, or the decimation of the Third Reich, with vivid detail and nuanced knowledge , impressing all your dinner party guests and drawing gasps of intrigue. I’ve watched this show both actively and passively and with so many dense layers of information, it’s beautiful what new tidbits of information you pick up on each sitting.
Frontier – 3/5
Diving into the North American fur trade of the 1700s, Frontier follows mixed Irish-Cree outlaw Declan Harp, played by bolstering hero and all around badass Jason Momoa as he butts heads with the Lord Benton and his monopoly over Canada’s fur trade. The show plays like an action-packed game of cops and robbers, with Lord Benton constantly failing to catch that meddling Declan Harp and his band of outlaws. If you’re looking for a niche area of history you’ll almost never have cause to converse about, here’s your number.
Band of Brothers – 5/5
Not particularly fond of war films, I remember staying up all night glued to this incredible experience which manifested itself on my TV screen. The show follows the men of the 101st Airborne division and their exploits at Normandy, Operation Market Garden, and the Siege of Bastogne through to the end of the war. Boasting the same sense of realism as Saving Private Ryan, the journey of these individuals clinging to brotherhood and hope through an onslaught of gruelling conditions on the battlefield is an emotionally cinematic experience that could only be captured in a longer form television series format. If you ever get the chance to watch the documentary which accompanies the DVD and Blu Ray releases, be prepared to be astounded by the factual accuracy and attention to detail that went into the show’s creation. Not to forget the interviews with the survivors of the 101st Airborne “Easy Company” and their memories of their fallen brothers, which left me with a tear soaked sleeve at six in the morning.


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