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September 10, 2018 | by  | in Politics Te Ao Mārama | [ssba]

The Lie of the Warrior Race

The lie of the ‘warrior race’ remains the feature piece of the colonial narrative. The dispute resolution method painted as murder – people, birds and animals. Ignorant of any pale confinements – crossing all boundaries of ‘the law’. Often described in academia as ‘lawless’ and ‘primitive’, but now saved by the Queen. How did such warriors continue to grow, thrive and flourish? We did not lay down – active in history.  did not have prisons to keep us ‘safe’. We did not have terms such as ‘unconscious bias’ to bury our heads under. It is our whanaungatanga. It is each other.

We operate as a collective. You are not alone in this my friend. Your shame is our shame. Your pain is our pain. To rectify this, we must play our part in a great muru – to put right a wrong. Utu extracted – some quiet, some loud, yet we all keep to our positions.  In harmony we live as one – we continue as many. The sun sets, and it rises again the next day. Another day, we stand as one. You are not alone, my friend. As we play our part, we feel it is almost over. To restore, we must have patience. To have harmony, we must have unity. A wrong made right – we continue as many.

My friend, I’m sorry. In a pākeha world, you are alone. Your shame is exactly that – yours. You must suffer this pain alone, and repent the actions for which only you are responsible for. There is no great muru or utu to be extracted. It is just you and a pale man with a gavel. A pale jury – this is your pale future.  There is no restoration – only incarceration. Our mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers become segregated from the rest. To them, another blemish removed from the soft paleness colouring our future.

A strategic plan – a long term goal. Incarceration of all it must be so. To us, it’s our whānau. Not hooligan’s, crim’s or delinquents. The truth can only be told – slowly but surely our fates align with the pale future upon the sunrise. A law passed, for safer communities. A law passed for a growing necessity. With incarceration comes disenfranchisement.

A system of power, some call the establishment. Silent societies, safer societies – a lack of representation, you are to be quiet. The missing ingredient – a pale future no more. A pale present is upon our door.

Mistaken, as to the interpretation of the ‘warrior’ race. Warrior; a brave or experienced fighter. We are brave – to stand against incarceration. Our single mothers, fathers or sisters and brothers, continuing to fight another day. A fight to exist in this pale world. To change a pale world. Experienced, discrimination. Experienced, racism. Every breath we take, to fight another day. From light to dark, you are not alone my friend. We are experienced and brave fighters – fighting for a system that will embrace us. Immersed in our kaupapa, singing the same waiata. Incarceration does not breed restoration. That is the lie of the fearsome, unruly, primitive – warrior race.

Restoration breeds vibrant societies. A coloured world – astray from a pale past. Our tikanga, waiata, karakia – colouring in between the lines on pale paper. You are not alone my friend. Our tīpuna weep with joy – no longer is their vibrance hidden. A sheet over an ancient artefact, brush off the dust and move it into the light. A coloured world – astray from a pale future. The sun sets and rises again, casting a new colour each day. Silent societies are not safer societies. The forgotten ingredient – a pale future no more. A coloured world, where we will be heard. To restore, we must have patience. To have harmony, we must have unity. A wrong made right – we must continue as many. Restoration freed our mothers and fathers, our sisters and brothers. We must continue as many, to defeat the lie of the warrior race.

Nā Rihanna Morar

Ngāti Porou, Tapuika


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