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October 8, 2018 | by  | in Features | [ssba]

Bad Memes is Closing Down

As I am held at gunpoint forced by both Bad Memes and Salient to write this article, all I can say is one thing: Bad Memes for Suffering Victoria University Teens is, was, and will always be, an absolute shit show. That isn’t a new concept, or even particularly interesting or surprising, all things considered. I mean, it’s called BAD memes for a reason. We’re all suffering Victoria University (RIP) teens here, we understand. Now you can finally understand a little bit more about the people behind it. Anyone you ever thought was an admin is absolutely not an admin, and everyone running this page is an absolute loser.
Bad Memes for Suffering Victoria University Teens was created in March of 2017. It was started by the Top admin, who will be referred to as Geogoly Whool Postrgrad from now on. Geogoly Whool Postrgrad immediately dragged their friend, let’s call them Hairy Styley, into the mess and gave them the job title of “Meme Factory” – which is essentially exactly what they were. There were other admins dragged into this fiasco, but somehow, they managed to escape and live normal lives. The third admin, we will call them Bratney Spare, is a little newer, and was scouted to join the elite meme force at the start of 2018. And so Bad Memes: Infinity War began. Then it changed its name to Bad Memes: The Last Jedi, then Bad Memes: One Direction, then Bad Memes: Bad Hombres, then Bad Memes: Whack Hombres, then when SOMEONE (Bratney Spare) was careless with their phone when they were drunk, it was changed to Definitely Not Bad Memes: Whack Hombres, so people who saw it accidentally knew it had nothing to do with Bad Memes.
Running this page has been a rollercoaster from the start. From watching the page likes go up and up during the day then slow down around 2am-8am when everyone went to sleep, to when Facebook changed its algorithms and none of the posts were getting seen, to now, the end of the page. Also that stage where every meme page was stealing our memes and claiming them as their own so we finally started “watermarking” them.
We love running this page. It has given us so much joy and anger and memes, and we are sad to be saying goodbye. But we are saying goodbye. We aren’t just saying goodbye to the name and changing it to “Bad Memes for Suffering University of Wellington Teens”, we aren’t passing it on to other people. This is it. *Adele voice* “This is the end…”
We have enjoyed advocating for better mental health support, more affordable food, The TruthTM, and whatever else we have taken a stand on. They are things we feel very strongly about, which is why 70% of the proceeds from our merch ( will be donated to Youthline. We want to support the mental health of students, and if we can’t be here to advocate for it ourselves, we want to make sure that help is accessible for those who need it. We know what it’s like, and we just want to show our support. Also we are poor students and we want some money for pizza thenks.
The things we have done and seen through our time running the page will stick with us forever. How could we ever forget the Cotton Cannibal (and its second and third instalment)? Rory as range man? Fighting with the inferior meme pages of other NZ uni institutions? Being shown in a PowerPoint in a lecture that one time? Pibgeons? Replying to one specific person with only the Haha yes hedgehog?(you know who you are) Dragging Salient whenever possible? The naming disaster? And whatever the hell else we did, I don’t remember the last three weeks let alone last 18 months.
Anyway, here’s some stuff about us, enjoy it while you can.

Buy some merch (please buy all the vic bitch merch and send some to the VC)
Goodbye Victoria University of Wellington, Uganda, Melbourne, Singapore, Canada, and whoever else is out there. Respect the pibgeons you encounter, anyone of them could be one of us.
Many thenk and a big YEET,

The Bad Memes Team

P.S. We challenge anyone brave (and stupid) enough to start a new page and become our successors.

Geogoly Whool Postrgrad (Top admin)
• Power hungry animal with no regard for human life or meme quality
• A Morning Person
• Banned for making Johny Johny Yes Papa memes
• Sends their high school teachers photos of Cory in the House
• Hasn’t had a vegetable in three years
• Is part of the bourgeoisie because they can afford food from The Lab
• Every spelling mistake ever

Hairy Styley (meme factory)
• Is a fan of Harry Styles (shockingly)
• Does not have a proper sleep schedule
• Doing a useless degree
• Still lives at home
• Creates staple memes
• Can’t drive
• A Serial ProcrastinatorTM
• Actually helpful

Badmin (Bratney Spare)(It’s Britney bitch)
• Flunked out of every single paper they ever took
• Doesn’t even go to uni
• Late to the party
• Anxiety actually through the roof
• Convinced the HOD that Blackboard gave them anxiety
• Never handed in an assignment on time
• Likes to cause drama for no reason
• Thinks they are better than everyone but no hard proof to back it up
• Evidence points to them being a fucking mess

Wholesome admin
• Is an actual pigeon
• Just a real actual real life pigeon
• A VERY nice pigeon
• So wholesome they left university

The silent one
• Why are they here?
• Where did they come from?
• Has the chat on mute
• Genuinely no clue what their group chat nickname is
• Doesn’t post or make memes

Why did you create bad memes?
Geogoly Whool Postrgrad: “Because I’m a petty bitch from New Jersey and I live for drama.”
Hairy Styley: “I didn’t.”
How does running the bad memes page as admins work?
GWP: It doesn’t.
HS: Dunno, haven’t found the instruction manual yet.
Why are you so obsessed with pigeons?
GWP: Because I too am a rat with wings.
HS: They constantly hungry, poor, useless, and hard working. Who wouldn’t be obsessed with these dudes?
Who is the worst admin and why?
GWP: Wholesome meme sister admin is too depressed to be wholesome.
HS: Wholesome admin doesn’t do anything, and yet I am the worst admin no doubt.

Why are you so obsessed with Harry Styles?
GWP: That’s Harry Styles?? I thought it was Evan Peters.
HS (while wearing a Harry Styles t shirt): Dunno what you are talking about. Never heard of that guy before.
Why is bad memes closing down?
GWP: Tired. Graduating. Old.
HS: We have put so much into this page that we dream about memes, I cannot have a conversation without including a meme in there somewhere please help me. Is bad memes actually closing down because revive is gone #conspiracy?
HS: We’re full of asbestos.
Explain in words the best meme you ever made
GWP: So ur wit ur honey and ur making out. the phone rings and you answer it. a voice says “what are you doing with my daughter!” you tell ur girl and she says, my dad is dead…. then who was phone?
HS: My favourite is the one about the Kirk rush, and it’s four pictures of kim k screaming in a crowd.


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