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Your friends are there to support, not serve you. Learn to listen better. There are people in your sexual history who will make better friends than you’d expect. Make friends with people who look nothing like you. Pay more attention to the values of others.



Make sure not to limit your pool of friends. Don’t always trust those closest to you. Many of the people you feel most comfortable around have betrayed others. You might be next. People you have cut off miss you. Learn to be alone.



Hold your friends accountable, they value your input more than you think. There are people in your life who wish they were closer to you. There are people you can’t contact who miss you more than you know, they’re leaving signs for you everywhere.



You are a bad influence on your friends but one day they will be grateful for it. Find friends that you feel comfortable being silent with. Much like Gemini, there are people leaving clues all around to let you know you’re loved.



The friends you made on Tumblr during your teenhood are onto you. Jealous friends are not worth your energy, and are surprisingly replaceable. It may feel like your past friendship units are fragmenting, but you will drift back together eventually.



 It’s very likely that any friend who has cut you off secretly misses you dreadfully. Don’t compete with your friends so much; they find it tiring. Practice patience. If you’re thinking of someone, let them know. Hold your friends to standards different to the ones you hold yourself to.



Some of your friends don’t like your other friends and that’s okay. Stop overlooking red flags. Avoid people with dramatic romantic histories; their friendships will only follow the same path. Consider what support looks like to you. What does it smell like?



You’re lucky your friends are still putting up with you. Food is a practical and genuine way to show love. Co-ordinate outfits with your enemy. Think about how you made friends before you learned what it felt like to be unwanted.



Your friends aren’t necessarily going to be able to support you like you support them, stop holding it against them. Expand your friendships to people of different genders to you. Challenge your own understanding of vulnerability.



You surround yourself with people that will make you seem more interesting, stop treating your friends like cute scarves. You are more like your mother than either of you would like to admit. Quit it with your god complex.



Stop yourself from developing romantic feelings for your friends before it’s too late (it’s too late). Talk about yourself less. Pay attention to how people react to you. Intellectual connection is not the same as friendship, though it is nonetheless valuable.



Your friends love you more than you’ll ever know. Your ability to maintain eye contact is compelling. Sometimes you need to let your friends breathe. The world is full of suffering, try not to take that burden on as your own.



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