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July 9, 2019 | by  | in Editorial | [ssba]

Eat Up.

You’re now in the hardest part of this Victorian holiday.
Part Two.

Part One had us feeling lost after orientation. Understanding what the hustle is, followed by choosing between sex and study. 


Now here’s the second part of this nightmare. Your favourite café is the only place you can’t see your breath. If you can survive the second trimester at Vic, you can survive anything. Nothing worse than grating cheese with your goosebumps, flicking pages to find a reference for a paper due tomorrow in your cold flat.


This week, we thought we’d bring you something that’s a little more inclusive than our previous themes. It’s my first issue editing alone, and food is a behemoth of a topic, so I enlisted the help of our Food Editor, Sally Ward.


The diet we make routine about now is coffee and cigarettes, with a side of a scone drenched in butter and burden. The beautiful cocktail of $7 wine and a long black in the space of 12 hours can only lead to the most beautiful internal mojito. It’s fun, but it’s unsustainable and toxic. It’s really hard not to drink shit things when your favourite beer is $26 a box and water is so expensive.


You don’t have to eat shit food either. The most miniscule amount of effort will make a major difference to your wellbeing and wallet. Take $10 to the market and experience the rush of getting value for money for the first (and only) time in your uni life. Spending $40 for fruit and produce is daylight robbery, but we can talk about boycotting supermarkets in another issue.


For now, we would like you to assess what the difference in shit food and real food is. Shit food is for 2 a.m. when every decent place is closed and you’re too dry to fry. Stress meals always taste shit, and frozen vegetables are as flavourful as the drywall in your hallway. Avoid the temptation to eat your feelings. A $5 pizza is easy to order and pick up, but as it gets colder outside, making a $5 green curry will give your body the energy it needs to power through. Cooking for yourself is the warmest form of self love. Humans are the only species to cook their food before eating it, and we do it pretty well. 


Above everything, you are what you eat. Cliché as fuck, but it’s not uncommon to turn into a loaf of bread somewhere during the first tri of second-year. Someone else’s genitals isn’t a healthy breakfast, no matter how accessible they may be. 


We wake up and fall asleep thinking about food, from cooking for our families to working in commercial kitchens around Wellington. One thing about food is that everyone needs it. On page __ we take a look at the top date and break-up spots. Sally writes her first feature, ‘wanna do coffee?’, on __. We hope this issue finds you well, whether it be next to cold toast smothered in marmite or next to a piping hot bouillabaisse.


Eat up.



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