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March 4, 2019

The writer completely misrepresents the actions and attitude of the University in regard to the student in question, and to the health and wellbeing of our students in general. The University takes extremely seriously its duty of care for all students. In the case discussed in the letter, an extensive process was followed to support […]

April 30, 2012

James Reavis was a man who tried to steal the state of Arizona–and nearly succeeded. Born in the deep American south in the distant 1840s, our Reavis made a living using his skills of forgery in the property market, correcting imperfect property titles for fiscal gain. But it was in the 1870s that our hero’s […]

October 12, 2009

[10:16pm: Friends bitching about designing cults for Social Anthropo­logy on Facebook. How the fuck can you bitch about designing a goddamned cult? For points?! I want to do that for the entirety of my BA.] Much like a toxic mould on a loaf of bread, this column was conceived in fairly unremarkable circumstances. Like many […]

September 28, 2009

Rosé Pokémon Type: Grass Type. Strong Against: Water, Ground, Rock. Weak Against: Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying, Bug. Ask any writer and they’ll tell you that writing reviews of things you hate is fun. So much fun. While it can feel great to rave about the latest film or book or baked good you’ve fallen deeply […]

August 3, 2009

Type: Sparkling Wine In absence of both-free wine and money to purchase cheap wine, I had to resort to panhandling on the street for my latest reviewed drop, doing embarrassing Irish jigs to House of Pain on Cuba Street at 3am in the morning while drunken louts asked me to show them the way to […]

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