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May 9, 2011

There is no denying NZ Music Month has had positive effects on the exposure of New Zealand music. The statistics show that there has been a huge jump in New Zealand content on commercial radio over the last decade or so. There are also increases in the sales of New Zealand music in the month […]

May 2, 2011

As New Zealand Music Month moves into its second decade, it would be a prudent time to assess what exactly it is and/or does, how it works, and what it aims to achieve. While its logo can’t be missed in and around May, and fans of the widely recognisable target have a chance to increase […]

March 21, 2011

Sonorous Circle is a Wellington-based musical community, formed under the ethos that ‘artistic integrity is sacred’ and that ‘everyone involved is totally committed to their art-form to the point of a healthy obsession.’ On Friday at Happy they showcased their various talents that have become a part of that principled and growing circle. First on […]

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