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September 10, 2007

Frequent, open and free, socially acceptable masturbation… places where this is the norm are few and far between. Ah, boarding school. Those were the days. When a guy could suddenly stand up and announce he was just off for a wank, return 10 minutes later, and no one would bat an eyelid over it. Don’t […]

September 3, 2007

I like to hitchhike. I write this from the backseat of a moving vehicle. Janet and Ethan are a couple from Auckland who run their own business manufacturing labels for clothing, they picked me up from the side of the road just North of Taupo.

August 6, 2007

Whenever I tell someone that I love rats I get weird looks, and I suppose this is only to be expected. But I find rats so strangely, darkly fascinating. Did you know that a rat’s skeleton can collapse so that any space it can get its head through the rest of the body can follow? […]

July 16, 2007

You are invited to anonymously contribute a secret to a group art project. Your secret can be a regret, fear, betrayal, desire, confession, or childhood humiliation. Reveal anything – as long as it’s true and you have never shared it with anyone before. Be brief. Be legible. Be creative.

July 9, 2007

Nimble as a tree frog with the strength of ten men, each with the strength of ten men, bench pressing the weight of the dark with his left and writing poems with his right. He rips lips of wack rappers to free the words…

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