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August 1, 2011

Harrington’s Brewery of Christchurch is an institution that has now been providing quality beer to the locals for 20 years. The family business, with three generations of the Harrington family involved in the brewing, celebrated the milestone recently with a few quiet drinks after the normal business of brewing, bottling and selling beer. A family […]

May 30, 2011

being able to write about beer is a privileged existence. I never get tired of being invited to advanced tastings and product launch nights. I was quietly chuffed when two of these events collided on the same night. Regional Wines and Spirits beer guru, Kieran Haslett-Moore, had received a number of new samples from Joseph […]

May 16, 2011

Tired of getting disapproving looks from beer geeks? Don’t know your esters from phenols? Don’t fear… in this column, we will demystify four key areas of beer to help you impress at the pub. 4. Esters Ahhhh… the memories of fourth-form Science class. The roar of the Bunsen burner. The smell of fake banana and […]

May 2, 2011

I have been brewing beer as a serious hobby for about 15 years (off and on), and I want to describe how accessible this can be. Brewing at home is easy and inexpensive, and can be more satisfying than some commercial beer. Richard Emerson of Emerson’s Brewery in Dunedin considers one of his home-brewed beers […]

April 13, 2011

Last weekend a brewing legend passed away. His name was Pierre Celis. You may not have heard of him but he absolutely influenced the beer world. His meme will survive. Pierre Celis is one of those unique individuals (along with Fritz Maytag) who managed to resurrect and propel into the mainstream a near-extinct style of […]

April 12, 2011

Home brewing made the national television this week. Or perhaps I should say Personal Brewing made the big time. In beer-geek-land, the WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery was launched making a splash in mainstream media as well as going viral within the beer-geek community. It seemed everyone (including Dave the Beer Guy) was commenting on the latest […]

March 28, 2011

Mega-hoppy ales appear to be the “beer du jour” for most beer geeks but I, for one, am looking forward to the day when new malt-balanced lagers and ales are released onto the taps and bottle store shelves. My change of heart occurred nine months ago when a number of NZ breweries launched new aggressively […]

March 21, 2011

A person does not become a 7th Dan black belt Beer-Geek, like Dave the Beer Guy, overnight. The journey of many pints begins with a single sip. So let’s make that first sip a wheat beer. Wheat beers are an excellent gateway to craft beer as a number of well-brewed domestic and imported wheat beers […]

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