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October 12, 2009

The Hollywood community is up in arms over the recent arrest of Academy Award winning director Roman Polanski. Polanski was arrested on 26 September in plot so good that one wonders whether Chris Hansen, of NBC’s ‘To Catch A Predator’ fame, was involved. Polanski flew to Switzerland to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from the […]

July 13, 2009

New evidence shows that changes to Antarctica’s most vulnerable element, the West Antarctic ice sheet, could raise global sea levels by up to five metres, according to Professor Tim Naish. Professor Naish, the Director of Victoria University’s Antarctic Research Centre, presented this evidence at his inaugural professorial lecture at Victoria last week. Much of his […]

May 4, 2009

Budding bonus ‘bout to bloom Good news for those who want to pay off their student loan earlier, with The Student Loan Repayment Bonus scheme being announced last week. The amended bill, which will be introduced by Revenue Minister Peter Dunne and Tertiary Education Minister Anne Tolley, will provide a 10 percent bonus for borrowers […]

April 6, 2009

United States President Barack Obama this week announced his administration’s strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan. After consulting with the Afghan and Pakistani governments, and U.S. Congress, Obama has decided to apply new military and diplomatic strategies to the troubled region. His first move has been to order the deployment of 17,000 troops to help in […]

March 30, 2009

A nationwide protest has lead to Section 92A being amended. The controversial amendment was due to come into force on March 27, but Cabinet has decided that the law needs to be changed to address areas of concern. Commerce Minister Simon Power announced the amendment, saying that “Allowing section 92A to come into force in […]

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