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May 21, 2018

Healthy Tech Habits Workshop We live in an age in which we’ve never been so connected to one another – smartphones and social media enable us to keep in touch with family and friends worldwide. Yet for some reason, loneliness and anxiety are on the rise. According to recent research in Australia, more than 50% […]

May 7, 2018

Get your flu shot now. Influenza, or “the flu”, can make you very sick, leaving you unable to get out of bed, or care for yourself or others. Symptoms include sore throat, body aches, high fever, shivering, headaches which can be severe, as well as potential complications such as pneumonia.  Symptoms usually last at least […]

April 16, 2018

As young people we get a message to “be more resilient”. The reality is that it difficult to bounce back when your assignment grades aren’t what you expected, you are not eating or sleeping well, when you have multiple commitments. When the pressure is on it is common to ignore how we are feeling in […]

May 8, 2017

For just $12 you could buy a pet rock or two bags of freshly picked seasonal produce. Easy choice? We think so! Wondering who we are? We are the Victoria Fruit and Vege Co-op and we are supporting health and wellbeing for students and staff at Victoria University. The co-op delivers healthy produce at affordable […]

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