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October 12, 2009

All good tales have a beginning and an end. And logically, as Agent Smith would say, “The end is inevitable.” So this tale begins on a beach, after a weekend involving Kat’s 21st and much consumption of goods, services and percentages. The crew is all feeling a tad weary and slightly hungry. One bright fella […]

September 7, 2009

So I am a bit of a gig hussy, right (Meaning I get around the gigs around the Wellington district). As I’m the roadie/time manager/party manager to hillbilly, sometimes bearded, toe tapper’s John the Baptist, and supporter/friend of the ever increasing in skill, style and intensity the Novelist, I found myself fluctuating betwixt both Bodega […]

August 17, 2009

A fellow pilgrim once asked me as I applied for the 10th flat on my TradeMe watchlist, (I was starting to feel a tad rejected by this time, but you will be pleased to know, or possibly not care and be rather indifferent about my accommodation status, that I have found a lovely new abode) […]

August 10, 2009

When I go to the video store to get a $1 weekly special, I first take it to the counter. I put it in my bag, go home with my snacks, and insert it in my laptop. Autoplay kicks in. I skip past the warning—I don’t even need to watch the piracy anymore, even though […]

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