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August 15, 2011

“Both a blessing and a curse” is how renowned documentarian Morgan Spurlock would describe his own reputation, in relation to getting his latest film POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold off the ground. “There were plenty of people who called me back because of all the work I had done in the past, […]

August 8, 2011

Still channeling French New Wave and shooting everything like it’s an indie perfume commercial, Heartbeats, the sophomore effort from French-Canadian wunderkind Xavier Dolan, is very much a continuation of form to follow his promising (if nothing more) debut I Killed My Mother. Ignoring criticisms of plagiarized elements of style, which seemingly substitute for actual depth, […]

July 25, 2011

The word Medianeras itself roughly translates to ‘sidewalls’, which a scene from Gustavo Taretto’s assured debut describes as every building’s blank, purposeless side—“enormous surfaces that divide us, reminding us of time, filth and smog”. That’s just one of many obvious parallels the film will draw between architecture and the human condition; consistently referring back to […]

May 16, 2011

Here is more proof to suggest maybe I should stop judging upcoming films solely on their trailers, because Duncan Jones’s concept thriller Source Code is a little bit more than the weak sci-fi Groundhog Day or poor man’s Déjà Vu I initially labeled it as. You can probably understand my early disdain when you realize […]

May 9, 2011

I think it’s safe to say no-one will go into any film about a couple grieving the loss of their child expecting a barrel of laughs—which is the first thing one will assume about Rabbit Hole. It is a hefty topic, which is why director John Cameron Mitchell and screenwriter David Lindsay-Abaire should be lauded […]

May 2, 2011

Gripping Danish Cannes winner Armadillo offers little variation – in both theme and content – to hoards of war depictions already committed to celluloid. It plumbs similar depths as those before it; the visceral adrenaline of battle (and the addictive tendencies it triggers), the dissociative coping mechanisms of its soldiers, and the underlying camaraderie present […]

March 21, 2011

When anyone says “Ryan Gosling”, the image to arrive in most heads will be that of The Notebook‘s Noah; the one who bargains dates by dangling from ferris wheels and writes Rachel McAdams every day for a year. It’s the exemplary heartthrob model for idealistic romantics everywhere, and as it would appear, the very image […]

October 4, 2010

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps Director: Oliver Stone With Josh Brolin, Carey Mulligan, Shia LaBouf and Michael Douglas Oliver Stone was responsible for some of the great Hollywood films of a large portion of the ‘80s and ‘90s; Platoon, The Doors, Natural Born Killers. Hell, the man wrote Scarface. But the last decade saw somewhat […]

August 9, 2010

Animal Kingdom Director: David Michod It took near on ten years for Aussie writer/director David Michod to make this film; a grueling process in which he meticulously edited and re-wrote the script until he didn’t feel it could be improved. Whether or not it could is up to the audience, but one cannot deny the […]

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