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October 1, 2018

My mother’s favourite saying is, “I’m gasping for a cuppa tea!” This usually means she’s had a very long and stressful day, and can’t wait for the warmth of a steaming mug of English Breakfast in her hands to mimic the feeling of human contact, without the annoyance of said human contact. However, I have […]

August 20, 2018

When I was little, I had a big fear of natural disasters. I wouldn’t go to the school bathroom alone, in case an earthquake struck. Visiting my Auckland aunt meant stepping into volcano territory. And in the scene outside a window, my mind would conjure a giant ship, riding a giant wave, coming nearer and nearer […]

April 9, 2018

It has to happen at some point. Half a decade of terrible special effect films and horror literature can’t be wrong. It’s written in the stars and on our paperbacks. One day, a virus will spread and turn half the population of Earth into man-eating killer zombies. Rip out this handy instructional article and keep […]

March 5, 2018

The news shook the nation. Granted we’re a small nation, so it doesn’t take much. When McDonald’s brought back Georgie Pie, let me tell you, Facebook went off. The news of Jacinda’s pregnancy reached me via text one morning at work — just a simple suggestion from Boyfriend to check the news. Within an hour, […]

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