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October 7, 2019
September 30, 2019

CW: Mental Illness, Suicide   Before I get into anything, I would like to apologise. A few weeks ago, I published an article that depicted sex work in the wrong light. The language used wasn’t flattering, and on an overall level, it wasn’t a good article. It was rushed, and I’d like to personally apologise […]

September 30, 2019

CW: Mental Illness, Sexual Abuse   There’s an elephant in the room, and we’re not sure how long he’s been there.   For most of our lives, we have associated the elephant with depression, alcoholism, addictions, and racist remarks. As a group of boys, we’ve progressed so far that we can actually say we need […]

September 30, 2019
September 24, 2019

CW: Sexual Assault, Spiked Substances   Dusk possesses an indiscernible allure. Wallflowers transform into live wires—like werewolves, except with more charm and less fur. It’s then that I see my firecracker of a friend let loose, hair down, volume up. She calls it liberation. Light means scrutiny. At night, no one can see how large […]

September 23, 2019
September 15, 2019

An issue on the status quo. We wanted to focus on the idea that the current state of things are to be maintained. What has been, will always be. Default is much the same. The grey, the emotionless smile, the pre-existing Player 1 logic.   Usually, these editorials throw shots at Massey or Critic, but […]

September 15, 2019
September 2, 2019

Last week, it was a late night so after work some of the crew went to Lulu. If you don’t know where Lulu is, don’t come because there’s already a line outside on Saturdays and I’m not tryna wait any longer to get inside.   It was my round, so I went to the bar […]

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