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September 11, 2017

The university, as an integral part of settler-colonial society, has underserved Māori and Indigenous students: the music school is no different.

August 14, 2017

one day i will pack up my bags quietly carefully without warning and leave (colourless sky) for a place where there is no post— __________________________________ [tenor♀ for afterimage:] parcelled Sunday & postcolonial theory          (yet wedded          to mis-history) red dawn raids, then the Mandela exodus […into…] colour blindness

July 24, 2017

NB: This article has been edited for Salient — a version of the original can be found here.   This piece is addressed first to fa’a(fa)tama, fa’afafine, and to an extent fa’aafa; to the MVPPRTWTAFFFFF+ community (and in particular those whose names follow a similar format to the previously described); all “indigenous gender minority” communities […]

May 15, 2017

*I have been told by a Sri Lankan acquaintance of mine that this gets confusing: “Do you mean Pacific brown, South Asian brown, what?” — fair point. Thus, I state here that this refers specifically to Māori and Pasifika brown. In this country. At this time. And place?   Dedicated to the first person who […]

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