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May 27, 2006

Not since Passolini’s anti-fascist Salo have I seen so many people walk out of a movie theatre. My date began to squirm as the sick shit started and she left with a half an hour to go, claiming that Wolf Creek was, “too real for me.” This is absolute perversion, dreadful, mind-blowing horror at its […]

April 24, 2006

Documentary cinema has changed in the last decade. Gone are the crisp wide shots, and the slow pans that drink in the world. Gone, too, are the clear monotonic commentaries and purposeful subtitles. All has been swept aside, and I feel like I’m coughing and gagging in a dusty gutter, wondering to myself how did […]

April 3, 2006

Sometimes an action movie can be forgiven for a terrible screenplay. Bad lines have worked a certain magic for Arnie and Keanau Reeves, but when clichés dribble from the lips of every character, in every scene, like bolognaise sauce at a cheap Italian restaurant it’s hard not to cringe.

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