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Nic Sando is a god amongst men, fifteen fathoms high he be, with strange and wyrd powers at his disposal. Only a fool won't harken his ears to the east when he hears The Sando man stumping his way.

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September 20, 2010

Going The Distance Director: Nanette Burstein Going the Distance is Nanette Burstein’s first film that isn’t an award-winning documentary of some description. Perhaps peculiarly, it’s a rom-com starring Drew Barrymore and her real life man-friend Justin Long (the Mac from the Mac vs PC adverts). Going the Distance has Barrymore and Long accidentally starting a […]

September 20, 2010

The Expendables Director: Sylvester Stallone The Expendables is marketed as a throwback to the eighties; a vehicle starring a bunch of the action stars from the last twenty years with a plot about a Latin American dictatorship. In a way, it is Sylvester Stallone’s answer to Charlie Chaplin’s Limelight, but instead of a film about […]

August 9, 2010

Band Substances was the second Fringe Bar musical comedy night of the year. While it couldn’t live up to the first one, where the Flight of The Conchords did a “surprise” set, it was a better produced and more sustained night of musical comedy. I am crediting producer and supporting performer Robbie Ellis for much […]

August 9, 2010

American: The Bill Hicks Story Director: Matt Harlock There is a myth of Bill Hicks. We are told of a bright-eyed young stand up who, like the progressive rockers of old, threw away his old stuff and strove for reinvention and righteousness, chasing his art’s truth through drugs and alcohol, before cancer killed him at […]

May 31, 2010

Out Takes, A.K.A. the annual queer film festival, is 16 this year—meaning it’s still not okay for us to sexualise it, but we’ll all look the other way when it inevitably happens. 2010’s festival is higher of brow than some previous festivals, and that’s a good thing because certain past selections have been little more […]

May 12, 2010

Levin for Beginners is a line up style (multiple comedians with an MC) show with a theme; every comic comes from one of New Zealands shit hole small towns, you know, the other Levins of greater New Zealand. The comics were to discuss the inconic stink town and/or their own stink one over the course […]

May 10, 2010

I’m glad that Jav Jarquin didn’t take his show to Auckland because fuck those guys, they get Avenue Q. We deserve something cool too. It was cool, just so you know.  Jarquin’s audience got to spend an hour cracking up at him doing ninja stuff with cards. They weren’t so much tricks as card feats—he impaled […]

May 10, 2010

This is a glowing review, just so you know. I think Harpur is a tops performer, and her show was well structured and rather daring.   The thing is, Sarah Harpur does glow when she’s on stage. With her ditzy persona, good looks and bright sunny attitude, you are happy to let the pretty lady […]

May 10, 2010

Simon McKinney does funny voices and he’s damned good at them. His opening bit about a German not understanding the bucket fountain and a weirdo named Reg were wonderful. That’s a full twenty minutes of good times. It might interest you know that he was a fish on Kiwi children’s television show Squirt. No guys, […]

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