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October 15, 2012

When former Pittsburgh Pirates owner Kevin McClatchy admitted that he is gay, the bad taste jokes practically wrote themselves.

October 1, 2012

Just Don’t Miss That Penalty, Goddamnit There are 15 seconds left in one of the biggest NFL games of the season. The underdog Baltimore Ravens have done well to keep pace with the high-flying New England Patriots, in a game that everyone thought would be over by Christmas, but they’re down by three with time […]

September 17, 2012

My answer is no. But before I get beaten down for allegedly trying to plant a bigot tree, let me defend myself.

August 20, 2012

It was also reasonably humorous when an Australian channel refused to show New Zealand in the top ten of the medal tally. That said, Sky did something similar when Australia made the top ten so that ghetto does have two gangs.

August 6, 2012

Sorting the good sports from the bad.

July 23, 2012

The Diminishing Returns Of the Haka The famous South African comedian Peter de Villiers once said that the haka lost its meaning through both commercialisation and overuse. I hate to admit it, but he has a point. Maybe I’m jumping to his defence because I’m such a funny comedian myself, and we in this close […]

June 5, 2012

Sporting Rivals: It’s Not Just A game Shortly before my esteemed colleague at the NBN office submitted his contribution, the first fixture of the 2012 State of Origin series took place. As far as rivalries go, this one is solid. Fascinating really, given it’s all about a Queensland inferiority complex (not hating: Maroons fan). Both states put […]

May 21, 2012

Since I’m a nice, non-controversial guy I figured I’d write about a nice, non- controversial topic this week. So here are my thoughts on sport and religion. For those who dislike the two combining, it’s interesting that the former would be hard-pressed to thrive like it does without the latter. Everton FC, for example, were founded by […]

May 21, 2012

Vic students graduate, parade straight to WINZ.

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