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Tag: In the week that wasn’t

September 27, 2010

An unfortunate typo in Victoria University’s 2010 budget has left the university with $537,000 allocated to ‘leaning support’, rather than learning support. Somehow managing to go unnoticed until early this month, half of the budget figure has already been spent on leaning supports for the university. This has left the Learning Support Department with just […]

September 6, 2010

Retail Worker Mops Herself Into Corner. Again. Victoria University student Grace Perkins was trapped overnight in Lambton Quay’s Supre store after she mopped herself into the back corner of the shop when she was closing up for the night. Perkins says she was distracted by Supre’s witty slogan tees while she was cleaning the store, […]

August 16, 2010

The mysterious appearance of a road cone on top of a Victoria University bus stop late last month has finally been explained. Last week a first-year student admitted to placing the road cone on the roof of the bus stop outside Kelburn Campus’ UniStop, where it has remained for over a fortnight. First noticed by […]

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