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Tag: Pecking Order

October 15, 2007

Year in which… It was announced that Kiwi households will be paying $2,890 extra next year; that only 26 per cent of voters believed that the Labour party would govern after the next election; NZ was ranked third to other OECD countries in rate of teenage fertility; scientists were conducting experiments which aimed to change […]

October 8, 2007

Number of months the police officer who shot Stephen Bellingham was sidelined for after facing charges of beating prisoners in the back of a police van: 10

October 1, 2007

Number of classrooms that could be without teachers by 2008 if current class size trends continue: 1000

September 24, 2007

Percentage of voters who believe that Labour will govern after the next election, compared with National: 26, 62

September 17, 2007

Number of prescriptions for antidepressants for one year old children in financial years 2004/5, 2005/6, and 2006/7: 768, 355, 24

September 10, 2007

Percentage of Kiwis who spend more on Mothers’ day compared with Fathers’ day: 46

September 3, 2007

Date when New Zealand had the strongest currency in the world: 24/07/07

August 13, 2007

Number of Kiwis on antidepressants in 2007 and in 2001 (respectively): 1,004,471; 697,574

August 6, 2007

Year in which Mikey Havoc and Newsboy called Gore the gayest town in New Zealand: 1999

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