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Tag: Top Five

August 10, 2009

Top Five Smells Petrol Pet troll Pineapple Shampoo Napalm in the morning Top Five Reasons You’re Pregnant Condoms are for pussies. You can’t get the ECP in Palmy That special night with Ken Orr Let’s see him leave now Apathy Top Five People Who Displayed Displeasure With Salient Last Week Paul Henry Tasmin Dismantle The […]

June 2, 2009

Ways to hide depression 1. Sports. 2. Drinking. 3. An obsession with Sylvia Plath. 4. Force a smile on your gob and whistle in your step. 5. Just fade into the background, you’ll do it anyway. Plays on swine flu 1. Swhine Flu. 2. Sriesling Flu. 3. S-why-do-no-white-people-die-from-this Flu. 4. Pigs Flew. 5. Pigs are […]

May 18, 2009

This isn’t a proper Top 5 per say. There are definitely better songs dealing with issues of depression than some of the ones I’ve chosen, but if I’d included them this list would probably have ended up being pretty damn predictable. I still couldn’t quite bring myself to leave out a couple of the usual […]

September 29, 2008

1. On the lecturer 2. With the lecturer 3. Computer Lab’s esp. on the computer 4. Lecture Theatre’s- esp. during Quan 111- everyone will watch you 5. Study rooms- esp. when they are booked out to someone else.

September 22, 2008

1) They don’t have hands to wield samurai swords and/or guns 2) The song ‘Teddy Beat’s Picnic’ takes on a whole new meaning 3) Bears > Millie Holmes 4) Bears hold no grudges against undercover cops 5) Epic woodland battles would ensue

September 15, 2008

1. You have to pay to activate it 2. You have to pay to “feed” it 3. No pin number means someone else can steal and use it easily 4. I don’t want a microchip in my arm! 5. Why is God controlling our buses?

September 8, 2008

1. Margaret “birth control is a woman’s right to choose, and useful for forcing poor people not to breed” Sanger 2. Shulamith “women should be liberated from giving birth – it’s like shitting a pumpkin” Firestone 3. Valerie “men are walking abortions” Solanis 4. Germaine “taste your own menstrual blood” Greer 5. Joel “I heart […]

August 4, 2008

1. Aziz Ansari 2. Oprah Winfrey 3. Mos Def 4. The Arcade Fire 5. White people are afraid that voting McCain will mean they are racist.

July 28, 2008

By Ralph 1. Elbog 2. Gigabounk 3. Spillador 4. Sprodbucks 5. Upwank

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