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August 2, 2006 | by  | in Online Only | [ssba]

What the fuck is the internet?

I’ve been busy. But contrary to what Nicola says (wow, how many times a day is that said?) the novelty of blogging will never wear off. Having the ability to use the internet as some sort of mental offal pit will never cease to please me.

Sometimes you just get busy. And the first four issues of this trimester were gargantuan efforts in their own right. I could have written something, but I just didn’t really have any head space or energy. I’m sorry. And given the my legions of fans and gigantic web-readership, I should be. Hey, things could be worse, I could be Mel “Are you a Jew?” Gibson. I’m in a good mood, we’re reasonably ahead of where we usually are for a Wednesday lunch time. There’s over twenty pages in and laid up.

You know what’s not cool though? When your favourite cafe blows out. I’ve been visiting a gem of a place all year. This morning I order my usual Chicken, brie and Plum Sauce on toasted Turkish bread. It takes ages, the guy comes out apologising for the delay but tells me he’s made up for it. You know what I got? A panini, with ham, chicken, bacon, brie, apricot, plum sauce and pineapple. I wanted to throw up. But enough pointless digression.

The internet is a curious place. And since Salient has gone online we have developed a built in community of commenters and a fair level of discussion around the magazine that goes beyond what we can create with a physical copy of the magazine. This week it’s gone through the roof. It’s crazy to see. Blogette is on the forums, spending a lot of time there for someone filled with hate for this magazine, all feisty and shit. She posts from the VUWSA workroom, (kudos to Jeremy for tracing the IP address) so the net is closing around her poisoned tongued pseudonym. The website has fulfilled it’s goal.

Even better is when the website is featured on three web design sites, ranked among the “best designed of the web”. Our hits are spiralling – and yesterday we got over 83,000 impressions on the site. Whatever the hell that means. Even funnier is when yesterday three people were linked through to a feature by Brannavan while searching “big, heavy breasts”, “12 year old fuck pics”, and “young girls having sex”. Awesome.

Another good thing happened today. In the big SPAM survey they do each year, of 825 people surveyed, Salient is 50 percent more popular than the next most popular
VUWSA service. Makes up for a dud pannini.

So… Film Festival action – seen Inconvenient Truth, My Big White Self, Tristram Shandy, Friends with Money, Thany You For Smoking and Linda, Linda, Linda. All of which I enjoyed tremendously. I also saw Factotum which sucks truly, and completely. Everyone should see Thank You For Smoking. It’s brilliant, a truly cutting comedy that takes down lobbyists from both sides.

Am going to resist from any political comment for the sake of personal sanity. I’m reading a book on the American invasion of Iraq. It’s far too intense and my dreams are suffering. I had this dream the other night. I was a fire fighter, sent to Guantanamo for fighting fire unpatriotically. I then escaped with Heath Ledger, who died in the process, which upset dream me tremendously.

Anyway, take care on the internet kids. This Nazi sight published Caroline Prendergast’s details recently. It can be used for bad things. Hell for all you know, I could be a 14 year old girl (hobbies: boys, the mall, listening to Good Charlotte and Hilary Duff).

Something to think about.


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James Robinson is a university dropout turned journalist who likes to pretend he has an honours degree. Turn ons include soup, scarfs, a hot bath and some FM-smooth Kenny G-esque instrumental jazz. Turn offs include student politicians, the homeless, and people who pronounce it supposebly.

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  1. peteremcc says:

    ” Blogette is on the forums,”

    where’s the forums?

    “Salient is 50 percent more popular than the next most popular
    VUWSA service.”

    anyone else find it ironic that the ‘other’ service isn’t even mentioned? wonder what it is…

  2. by Forums I meant discussion boards. Sorry.

  3. Greg says:

    Salient is probably the most visible service, and the only one that reaches the other campuses at any decent level.

    How come I received the email for SPAM but not the election? Surely they would be using the same list?

    I wonder for how long we will be hearing from Blogette?

  4. By popular it was not referring to usage, but enjoyment.


  5. Greg says:

    Well done. You guys deserve far more credit than the shit you get in the letters pages.

  6. blogalatte says:

    I don’t post fromt the VUWSA workrooms. jeremy is just useless. sorry.
    also i don’t hate salient. it has some good writers and some good things. every so often.

  7. peteremcc says:

    heh, i guess by discussion boards (actually pretty much the same as forums) you mean the comments :D. no prob :)

    salient is definately the best service that Vuwsa provides, though i expect that has something to do with their lack of input into it :P

  8. Joanna says:

    You know you’ve made it on the Internet when you get a Flanagan replying to your posts.

  9. jess says:

    i hear the internet is ruled by robots who are coming to destroy us and eat our brains. stink.

  10. rich says:

    James I have feelings for you

  11. rich says:

    this may not be the time or the place

  12. Jono Newton says:

    Finally Rich comes out and admits what we have known all along, don’t worry James the truth is out there.

    And James is a 14 year old girl I’ve seen her around the big hairy man is just a costume for the public to see.

  13. Oliver says:

    You may not be Mel ‘Are you a Jew’ Gibson but I have heard your comments on George Gregan. Hop off your high horse and stop harrassing the premier actor/filmmaker of our time. Lethal Weopon 4 redefined the action genre.

  14. Oliver says:

    And dream stories are boring, you jerk.

  15. Rich Jerk says:

    The internet is just a portal for easy mass communication. Don’t think of it as robots, its just you are getting into the homes of many more people than was ever possible.

  16. jess says:

    hahaha, love your work, rich jerk.

    wanna buy my book? it’s about sticking it to the man. naturally.

    ps. i can indeed confirm that james is a 14 year old girl in a big hairy man costume.

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