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September 4, 2006 | by  | in News | [ssba]

And Then There Was Six…

Education Officer Delia Timms has resigned from her position on the VUWSA General Executive.

Timms, who left VUWSA in order to pursue full time employment, says in her resignation letter that she had “[learned] a lot from [her experience at VUWSA]” and was “sad” to leave. The decision had been under consideration for several months.

Following Timms’ departure, only six remain of the ten originally elected members of the Executive. President Nick Kelly denies that the departures were representative of internal problems at VUWSA. “It’s sad when anyone leaves but I can’t remember a year where there were no by-elections,” he says.

VUWSA Education Vice-President Joel Cosgrove described Timms’ departure as “a bit of of surprise”. He notes that most of the year’s resignations were, like Timms’, due to finding full-time employment and questioned the sufficiency of Executive members’ honoraria.

Timms concedes that while the pay seemed disproportionate to the workload, the “backstabbing in the office” was a more prominent reason for her resignation.

A by-election is not being held for Timms’ post. Instead, the position will be left vacant until the general elections are held for the 2007 Executive later this month.


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  1. jess says:

    And then there WERE six…

  2. Franky boy says:

    Oh stop your moaning. If you don’t like the pay, you shouldn’t have run for the exec in the first instance. Prospective exec members must have at least some idea of the workload/pay ratio before starting work, or otherwise they must be bordering on completely stupid. Perhaps I expect too much of this rag-tag bunch, but I would have thought that working for VUWSA was more about service to Vic’s student community, rather than money making. If you want a decent wage, make the sensible choice and get a couple shifts at the local supermarket.

    Why resign a couple of weeks before your term of service ends? It sounds a fishy to me. Who wants to bet the phrase “pursuing full-time employment” is a euphemism for “I’m carrying CJ’s bun in my oven”? :-p

    Peace out

  3. bloggette says:

    yeah i heard she was pregnant

  4. Delia says:

    neither was or is christ leave me alone already u wonder y i resigned????? its diks like u ppl that do it. its not nice to spread nasty rumors. My x bf forced me to tell my friends that shit and it is not nice to b reminded of it. please just leave it alone. It was a bad relationaship and I’d prefer to forget about it. Caroline prendergast eat your heart out with that guy – patriachal dik he was.

  5. Franky boy says:

    Lol. Jeez, we didn’t want to know your life story.

    There once was a girl called Timmsy
    Her VUWSA reports were flimsy
    She did a crap job
    and she rides Hunty’s nob
    She also seems a bit dimmsy :D

  6. Franky boy says:

    Interesting. :D I suppose we shouldn’t really put too much stock in rumours (however weird and complicated they are), but the fact remains that your performance as a member of the student executive was less than satisfactory. If you knew that a past relationship was going to cause you to be so ineffective in your role, you shouldn’t have applied for election in the first place.

    Also, ditching conferences (which you were paid to attend) in order to visit hobbit holes in Matamata doesn’t seem like actions of a sensible individual.

    Why do you write in text-style, i.e “Its diks like u ppl”? Good luck getting a job in the outside world with such a writing style like that. How did someone like you manage to get a degree? Oh Vic, I despair of you. :D

  7. Delia says:

    who gave you stess free breakfasts??? me! and im doing this terms ones although i have resigned. I dont have a degree. and i did not go to matamata i did not pay for that days conference eitheri asked that vuwsa did not pay for me and lets look at caroline. she skipped conference where she was being ELECTED and was paid for by students

  8. Franky boy says:

    Why are you putting blame onto Caroline? There is obviously some disharmony in VUWSA (contrary to what Nick Kelly says) if you feel the need to put Prendergast down. You are coming across as the sort of person who shifts the blame perpetually, in order to dodge the bullet yoursel, lol.
    First, you blame an ex for your problems and envoke Prendergast’s support against him and the next second you blame her for your problems.
    How are you going to get fulltime work, worth leaving your job at Vuwsa for anyway. without having a degree?

    NB: What the fuck is a stress-free breakfast? :D

  9. Franky boy says:

    Sorry – I made a mistake. You were not blaming Prendergast for your problems. You were only trying to deflect attention away from your own issues by mentioning her name. Everyone has known for a long time that she is a loose-unit, so your tactic failed.

  10. Franky boy says:

    Also, your stories re: pregnancy are inconsistent. In a blog for the story “adventures in baby killing” (visit the site above) you said that rumours were spread by “acquaintances” and yet on this blog, you say that your ex made you tell your friends you are pregnant. Which story are you sticking with?

    p.s. Is the title “Adventures in Baby Killing” a reference to abortion?

  11. Laura says:

    Negative – it’s a reference to Jules van Cruysen’s mention of the power and persuasiveness of well-designed posters (which can “make people want to kill babies”).

  12. Franky boy says:

    Thanks for that:D

    The possibility that it may have been a reference to Timms and pregnancy only just occurred to me. I thought that would have been a bit harsh

  13. Franky boy says:

    From what I understand, Timms quit her role on the executive to tour a production of the Mikado nationwide.

  14. Muppett says:

    As a crew member on the Mikado, I can confirm that the production finished last Saturday, and “nationwide” was only as far as Palmerston North.
    12 of the 14 shows happened before she resigned.
    She resigned for the reasons stated in the article.

    And if 2 doctors can find time to perform in the Mikado and still hold down their jobs, I believe that Delia could be at VUWSA, work, and still perform. Which she did.

    People are trying to read too much into this. There are no other reasons apart from those in the article.

  15. lol says:

    yo if she’s going out with CJ isn’t that punishment enough? sheesh lay off or whatever

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