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September 11, 2006 | by  | in Features | [ssba]

The 9/11 Conspiracy?

SALIENT Editor James Robinson looks behind the 9/11 ‘conspiracy’ and unsurprisingly, finds a lot of hot air.

As with any global catastrophe, as the event slides from the headlines, conspiracy theorists soon sidle in to pick the flesh of credibility from the bones of the event. Conspiracy theorists come to hilariously silly conclusions, protest by sending email forwards and hijack every 9/11 related conversation with cries of “I’m telling you, the Towers were lowered by explosives! A plane never hit the Pentagon!” Not the most respected bunch on the whole, but they could help themselves more by not making such mistakes as getting Mikey Havoc to write a column in ‘Conspiracy’ magazine.

In all but a few cases, the curdling stench of paranoia sits upon the most ludicrous of ideas. Take Princess Diana, and the notion that Prince Phillip ordered MI6 to kill her because she was an embarrassment. First of all, why was she such an embarrassment? Charles and Diana had been divorced for years. Surely the divorce thing would have lead to her being ‘whacked’ years beforehand, if a ‘divorce’ is reason enough to be killed. Maybe it was because she was going to marry a Muslim? Well, I refuse to believe that Prince Phillip would order the mother of his grandchildren to die for marrying a Muslim. Or that Prince Phillip would hold such sway with the MI6 in the first place that they would drop everything and indulge his bigoted and murderous wishes. But I digress…

The idea that the Twin Towers were demolished not by commercial airliners, but by freight planes filled with fuel and a building rigged with explosives beforehand, has equally silly motives behind it. The main thought is that it was done to advance US oil interests and war plans. Excuse me? How many maybes and chance decisions does that take into account? And look at the global oil scenario and the current worldwide popularity of US war plans to realise that, well maybe that was a lot of work for little result. And it would have been a lot of work. Tricking everyone from air traffic controllers to eyewitnesses, and convincing those that they couldn’t fool to keep their mouth shut in the face of such senseless destruction. The other motive given is that the government mysteriously wanted the buildings leveled. Who knows why? Maybe post-presidency George W. eyes up a career as a shopping mall developer?

Recently Popular Mechanics magazine did an extensive investigation to silence the 9/11 conspiracy theorists. It involved nine researchers consulting with over 70 professionals. So popular was the story, it will soon be released as an entire book. It is a comprehensive debunking of the conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11. Here is a brief summary of their findings on some of the more widespread conspiracies…

Photographs and video footage of United Airlines Flight 175 hitting the South Tower of World Trade Centre show an object underneath the fuselage. Theorists believe that this pod is actually a missile, and proof that it was an inside job.

Analysis of the photo showed it to actually be the right fairing of the Boeing 767, a pronounced bulge that contains the landing gear, but which had been given an exaggerated look by shadows and sunlight.


The lack of fighter-jets dispatched to protect Washington is seen as proof that they were told to stand down to allow the attacks. Which is crap. Initial confusion meant that some planes were reported hijacked at the same time they crashed into their targets (some even after). Some fighters were dispatched, but pre-9/11 the North American Air Defence Command didn’t monitor local flights. The coverage was like a doughnut, America in the middle, patrolling outwards, but with nothing in the middle. 4500 identical radar blips had to be searched in some of the busiest air corridors in America. Subsequently, defence jets got nowhere near the planes.


FOX employee Marc Birnbach said in a live interview on September 11 broadcast on FOX, claiming to be an eyewitness, that the planes had no windows and did not look like commercial planes. Birnbach, a freelance FOX filmographer, spurned the theory that the buildings were hit with a fuel tanker or military cargo plane. It turns out that Birnbach was actually two miles away and never saw the planes hit, only heard. Funny what happens when you trust FOX News, eh? Analysis of debris further concluded that these were the United Airlines flights.


While steel melts at 2750 degrees Celsius, jet fuel burns between 800 and 1500 degrees Celsius. However, at 1500 degrees steel has lost over 50 percent of its strength. So it was kinda inevitable that the buildings would collapse. Loss of strength at the top forced the top floors to collapse in on the ones beneath them, starting a series of “pancaking” floors, a process that didn’t need explosives to begin. The “pancaking” process created the puffs of air and debris out the side when the buildings collapsed.


Theorists point to the fact that the hole in the Pentagon was 16 feet wide and the plane 125 feet wide, but this is a little ludicrous according to scientists. One wing hit the ground before impact, the other was sheared off by the force of the initial impact. The body of the plane would have impacted in a state more akin to a liquid than a metal. The idea that the plane would leave a cartoon imprint of itself in the building is slightly funky also. Intact windows around the blast sight were blast proof windows that were holding up to massive force as planned. And contrary to “reports” plane wreckage was found at the site, with eyewitnesses talking freely to Popular Mechanics about holding pieces of the plane in their very hand.


Flight 93 is the epicenter for ludicrous ideas. Many feel that it was full of the passengers who were supposed to be on the first three planes that supposedly crashed. It was apparently shot out of the sky, and eyewitnesses remember seeing a mysterious white plane on the scene soon after it crashed. This was confirmed to be a passing private airplane, asked to descend and confirm the exact location of the crash. Theorists talk of human remains being found in a small town called Indian Lake, 70 miles from the crash. This is widely denied by the inhabits of the town.

ANYWAY… what do I know? Or Popular Mechanics? Those men in white coats with their beards and cigarettes and strange shaded faces are probably capable of defying and science and tricking millions. I mean they fooled you all into thinking that a man landed on the moon right?



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James Robinson is a university dropout turned journalist who likes to pretend he has an honours degree. Turn ons include soup, scarfs, a hot bath and some FM-smooth Kenny G-esque instrumental jazz. Turn offs include student politicians, the homeless, and people who pronounce it supposebly.

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  1. musashi says:

    not enough detail. conspiracy theorists one, you zero.

  2. Tim Wilkinson says:

    No mention of the Project for a New American Century? Saddam’s switch to the Euro instead of petrodollars shortly before the Three Towers attack? How about Van Romero? Countless other unanswered questions? Lots of mention of other totally unconnected conspiracy theories, though. Of course, either all suspicions about everything are correct, or none of them. Sound and fury, mate, sound and fury. Hit them across the head, eh? Why do you feel so threatened by these quite reasonable doubts?

  3. James says:

    Apologies, was actually looking merely at the action of taking down the twin towers, not the reasons behind such a thing. Looking at whether the towers were destroyed by explosives, not why such a thing would happen.

    America wanted to invade Iraq, and they did. If they wanted to blow up the twin towers to give themselves extra validation to do so it didn’t really do them much good now did it?

    America is as America does. I’m not threatened by talk of conspiracy, I just hate the theorists on this one. It just doesn’t stack up.

    9/11 conspiracy theorists are like hippies that just won’t retreat.

  4. The Jew says:

    My people were responsible for killing Christ and framing the ragheads for 9/11 – sorry!

  5. mamut says:

    It is amazing how things are in Dubai. Every thing is so fast (except the traffic jams of course) : fast cars fast built projects all in a marathon for the best, biggest, largest, tallest, longest… ect.

    All in All Dubai always had ridden the waves of success and took as always advantage of all situations such as wars, peace, catastrophes ect… Dubai always and because of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid far sightedness and his ambitions to lead Dubai to the International standard and eradicate the western picture about the Arabs and their image that took very long for western media to brain wash their people and the world in convincing them that “Those dirty uncivilized camel farmers “or to take two “greedy conniving blood thirsty Arabs” or take three “ Women abusers and polygamies Arabs that let their women live in tents and eat desert grass “ Or take four “ Terrorists with beard or moustaches that are brutal feeling less killers “ and Hollywood stories went on. Dubai have successfully abolished those images in deeds and hard work unlike Arabs else where.

    Until 9/11 took place, there the whole wide world was shocked, and all those poor western pre-programmed brains were ordered by continues and consistence media brain washing to believe their eyes that Muslims (Of course Arabs are the symbol of Islam) and Arabs are the new evil of the world… and that all what Hollywood sold them of Arabs and Muslims images were all right. Oklahoma bombings incident for example and in a matter of seconds after it happened long before 9/11 happened CNN showed a drown image of a Middle Eastern face on their screens, no one in the American news networks had apologized for that scandal, it just went by with out being noticed. (Long story are you bored of reading?)

    There no good friends for Great Britain, there are good interests for Great Britain

    Winston Churchill.

    What serve the interests of the U.S.A and its huge defence budget?

    To have an enemy

    After the collapse of the Soviet Union 1998. America needed new enemy badly to justify its defence budget (those days 596 Billions of Dollars) after all two feeling controls us humans: Love and Fear.
    So laymen in the west must feel threatened the poor tax payers must have convincing reasons enough and beyond any shadow of a doubt in justification for their increased monthly tax bills.
    Here come the Bin Laden Family, well associated with Bush’s family in fact they are until recently business partners in constructions and other mutual interests. Arabs and Muslims unfortunately, have the least literacy rates among all nations. Controlled by their emotions driven by their hunger for a new Sallah Uldin bought the story and saw in a young sick Saudi man their savvier And the rest of the story is well known and carries on.

  6. Nick says:

    I enjoyed my first year media studies classes as well.

  7. Hayley says:

    For those of you interested, there’s an online video about the 9/11 conspiracy theory at …. Its so unreal yet believable at the same time, if that makes sense!!!

  8. craig says:

    this info is really good and does help make sence of the situation over there .

  9. JONES says:

    9/11 IN SIDE JOBE
    7/7 INSIDE JOB

  10. Ollie Goron says:

    Call yourself a journalist huh?
    Do your research….
    Explain WTC Building 7 dick.

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