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March 5, 2007 | by  | in News | [ssba]

Eye On Exec: VUWSA fight over who sucks more

Exec fighting reached crisis point on Thursday after a girl at the Comedy revealed her breasticles to the crowd to win a prize.

The girl was followed on stage by Welfare Vice-President Heleyni Pratley, who asked her if she was comfortable exposing herself to the crowd. Pratley claims she was laughed at by the crowd, and that she received no back-up from President Geoff Hayward.

Pratley told Salient that it was part of her responsibility as Welfare Vice-President to make sure the boob-flasher was okay. “I ran on stage, I said to her ‘look, are you okay to do this’ and she said ‘yeah, I’m fine’, so she went ahead with it, then they made fun of me. Geoff just stood there and I said to him ‘nice to see you taking charge Geoff’.”

Pratley says that Hayward’s “ego” is getting in the way of his performance as President: “Fuck, man, you’ve just got no guts…It’s just like if there’s anything you’re going to do and talk about in front of a crowd, like ‘hi, I represent VUWSA’ then represent VUWSA and get up there and put your arse on the line.”

The incident is a reminder of the Halls’ Beach Party last year where two first year girls flashed their breasts to win Orientation tickets, resulting in greater University control of Orientation events this year.

Another audience member had a scrotum on his head. Or something.

Hayward later said “Heleyni was right to go up and check that that person was totally sure.”

Earlier that same day, Hayward had himself expressed anger at the lack of support VUWSA Pratley and Education Vice-President Joel Cosgrove had given the exec during O-Week.

Cosgrove was “too hungover” to help out on Sports Clubs Day after a night drinking turps in a bush on Aro Street, opting instead to sleep on the couch in Pratley’s office.

Clubs Officer Melissa Barnard also expressed on Thursday evening her desire to cry after tireless and often lonesome and unassisted work to ensure successful and fun Clubs Days last week.

Hayward came into the Salient office shortly before midnight that night to “contemplate life and how only half of my exec like me.” Could this be the end for VUWSA? (Cue ominous music).

Hayward declined to comment on whether there could be a bust-up within VUWSA this year, but said “there is a history of that.”



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  1. Geoff Hayward says:

    In the “Eye on Exec” article dated 5 March 2007, it was reported that I was disappointed with the efforts of both my VPs over the Orientation week. I wish to point out my entire executive as a whole made massive contributions to one of the largest Orientation events ever held by VUWSA, working above and beyond the hours they are obligated to do as elected representatives. I personally apologise to any person, whether directly or indirectly referenced in that article (including both the VUWSA VPs and Clubs Officer), any disappointment or distress that those comments may have or did have on them, and I reiterate my gratitude in their help as VUWSA President.

  2. I’d like to know the reason why a woman was required to flash her breasts in front of a crowd.

    If it was to win a prize (as the article alludes to in the headline but doesn’t clarify in the copy), I’m disgusted.

  3. peteremcc says:

    I think you will find, Maria, that no one was ‘required’ do anything.
    Or at least thats what I understood from reading the article.

  4. Joel Cosgrove seems convinced he’s living in a sitcom.

  5. welly_girl says:

    No the girl was not “required” to flash her breasts.
    I was there, and can not recall if it was to win a prize, but I do think the “flasher” did win a prize.

    I do so some double standards in that people are getting worked up about a women flashing her breats, when a male allowed another male to place his scrotum on his forehead to win a prize and no one seems to be upset over this.

  6. That’s usually because we’re paying $29.99 US a month for that privilege, welly_girl.

    I mean.


  7. Jono Newton says:

    Still loving the double standard…Feminists claim to want equality but they only want the good, they don’t want the bad that comes with it…

    Oh and of course the classic Breasts Flashing…Come on get over it…Did the VP get up to ask if the guy was ok with doing it?? If not thats BS Helayni sort your shit out as an elected representative you need to be fair in treatment of all students.

  8. Just to confirm something here – we are talking about someone flashing their tits at an O-Week party, right? Not, you know, putting tripwires in the library, or setting bear traps in New Kirk?

    Because I’d hate to think a potential bitch-fest could erupt over something important.

  9. Clint Heine says:

    How incredibly sad that a University is up in arms about wild drunken parties and the occasional flashing. Thats exactly what University is there for.

    Good on the crowd for laughing at Pratley, what nonsense. I didn’t know she was elected to kill all fun during O week.

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