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March 5, 2007 | by  | in Opinion | [ssba]

Go Work, Use Dark Tools

When you look at the world and start to think of all that’s gone wrong, you begin to look at the walls and stay inside because the streets are the same old movie.

Most movies are clichés. The heroes all end up like the old movie hero: fat arse, fat face with the brains of a lizard.

If you don’t want to watch reruns then you’ve got basically got three choices – become a monk, get drunk or go to work.

I want you to get involved.

The walls here at the Salient office are just like a broken piano. They have fragments of posters, old blue-tack stains and pitted holes from tacks. It’s beautiful because it’s got history. Editors, visionaries, writers and dreamers have placed their thoughts here. It could be a painting but it’s more like song with no chorus.

I want you to teach the world to sing.

These computers have blank screens. They wink and burn. The telephones lie with their arms by their sides. They know a boxing match is around the corner. You could be the next contender. In the cracks of the Salient office there is ink, it’s lying there. Bulk, clustered oil.

Oil floats above water.

If you are reading this and are confused then you’re probably our next sub editor. If you think it’s wanky and that you could write better then you’re probably our next feature writer. If you just don’t care then I’m going to need to work harder.

Build where no one else builds, it’s the last way left.

Salient wants feature-writers, news-writers and original ideas. Email, come to the Salient office (level two Student Union Building) or call me on 463 6767.


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  1. This actually doesn’t mean anything.


    Like less than nothing.

    Less. Pointless. Bad. Awful. Devoid of meaning. You need to work harder actually. You started off terrible and you just got worse.

    Quite with this sub-Burrows filth.

    Steve Niccoll. You are a failure.

    Why are you still begging for people 3 issues in? And how will this attract people. I just got a little way in and set fire to my eye-balls. And then I shat myself.

  2. Tommy Rawbones says:

    Well, it’s three issues into the trimester. Steve, I think it’s time you stopped making promises about how cool and alternative and stuff Salient will be this year, and start, you know, delivering. First you were promising, now I’m beginning to wonder if like Geoff Hayward you’re just promises-promises.

    PS Hornblower is a moron

  3. Terry Teo says:

    @Hornblower. Aren’t you just such a big meanie. Did you hate your dad as a kid? Or did Steve get the job you applied for? Before you start critiquing (if that’s what you call it…?), why don’t you try spell-checking you numb nut. Crawl back into your hole and only come back once you’ve completed ENG101. Until then, you have no legitimate voice on this site that’s going to be taken seriously.

  4. Michael Oliver says:

    Still early days, as far as I’m concerned. Salient’s been calling for volunteers to add a smidge of glisten to its pages this year, and while I realise this probably falls into the lame-ass “Well, I like to see YOU try it!” category, it’s really the only advice I can give.

    I mean, hell, if you want something done right….[etc, etc, etc]

  5. Nick Archer says:

    Hornblower, you aren’t of the wider student demographic, you are not bitchin about Steve Nicoll but about who ever happened to be editor this year…

  6. wiks says:

    who cares about salient.

    have you seen how hot the chicks at uni are these days!

    oh my god.

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