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March 26, 2007 | by  | in Opinion | [ssba]

Pecking Order

  • Number of years New Zealand’s second oldest sporting competition, the Joynt Scroll, has been going for : 104
  • Year in which it was last won by Victoria University : 2006
  • Chance, according to student president Geoff Hayward, of winning it in 2007 : 100
  • Average amount of minutes a Kiwi spends watching TV, daily : 119
  • Average number of extra calories children consume for every hour of television they watch : 167
  • Average estimated salary, in today’s dollars, of the dads on the ten top-rated TV shows of the 1950s : $109,894
  • Average for the dads on today’s ten top-rated shows : $295,405
  • Average hourly wage for a Kiwi in the public and private sector (respectively) : $26.40, $19.07
  • Ratio of the typical salary of a paid gladiator in ancient Rome to the salary of a doctor or lawyer : 10:1
  • Increase in the cost to fill a Toyota Corolla with unleaded petrol today compared with 2002 : $25
  • Amount for which George W. Bush successfully sued Enterprise Rent-A-Car in 1999 : $3,567
  • Portion of the world’s motor vehicles that are in China : 1/17
  • Portion of the world’s annual traffic fatalities that are : 1/5
  • Number of players that Brazilian soccer teams have sold to teams overseas since 1993 : 6700
  • Amount the Brazilian teams have earned from these sales : $1,310,982,555
  • Year in which a French judge was caught masturbating in court : 2003
  • Minimum amount that an Arkansas mayor has discounted a prostitute’s city water bill since 2004 in exchange for sex : $112,743
  • Average annual number of male clients served in America in 1999 by each female prostitute : 694
  • Number of words in the first sentence of a Washington Post article on the recent Ruapehu eruption that refer to the Lord of the Rings : 5
  • Minimum number of garden gnomes relocated to the forest since 1996 by France’s Garden Gnome Liberation Front : 6,000
  • Number of toilet seats at the EU Parliament building in Brussels that a TV station had tested for cocaine : 46
  • Number that tested positive : 41

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