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March 19, 2007 | by  | in Opinion | [ssba] …too cool for us

For when you are decaying you hear many wishes whispered in the wind, Unable to tune them out because of the torment from the countless ways you have sinned. Not appreciating what’s around us will only lead to our end, For when you are captive in the Underworld, you see nothing but the dead.
Excerpt from ‘Eternal Whispers’, by Poetic_Reaper, accessed at on February 3, 2007

After last week’s revolutionary experiment in getting cool on MySpace, we decided to take it to the next level and try and get popular on – which is like MySpace, only black. is a massive site that boasts 867,061 members across the globe. Like MySpace, it features personalised profiles, events and music, but also journals, cults (that’s right – cults), chill and buy stuff sections. To use some features of the website you have to purchase a premium membership for US$5 a month. There also are ads by google which disappear once you become a premium member. So basically, they are making money off your angst no matter what. As poverty-stricken media students, we didn’t pay for premium membership but tried to make some friends anyway.

It turns out that it’s actually quite hard. Basically, the goths and emos of are insular and afraid of anyone new trying to break into their circle, and after over a week of having a go at this thing we have received no friend requests, no comments, no picture comments, and one sad little message about a website called “the fuck you cult”.

So why did we fail? Well, it might have something to do with our name – “mediafreak” – maybe it’s not dark enough for the judgemental sad-sacks on this site (yes, we are bitter). Also, our interests were “the media” and our likes “the media”, and we disliked “you” –we can only surmise that the population of are not into staying abreast of current events, and prefer to look inwards for poetry inspiration.

But we did try and fit in by joining two cults (like groups, only sinister), the first “My Chemical Romance”, because it seemed to have the most members, and the second “Poetic death”, because it had poetry workshops, and was “home to the poetic soul”. Finally, a home for mediafreak. We also chose Combichrist and Marilyn Manson as musical favourites in the hope that it would tempt some potential friends to look past the media obsession and see the tortured soul inside mediafreak. It didn’t work.

To be honest though, after the whole “Gwen” effort-fest that took over our lives for two weeks, we couldn’t really be bothered putting too much time into lonely little mediafreak. Our Vic computer accounts were empty of funds and we had to return to our lives in the real world before the internet absorbed us completely.

But we can’t mock too much. The internet is a space where any group, scene, or sub-culture can make room for themselves and their friends to express themselves and exchange ideas in a form of (sub-)cultural production. Judith Bultler would probably say it was fair enough that mediafreak wasn’t welcomed with open arms, as we failed in our performance of the goth/emo and were rejected as a result. The real vampirefreaks saw through us and protected themselves from our intrusion so they could continue being poetic and alone, together, in peace.


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  1. Kryss says:

    You may have found your failing due to the fact that to become part of the community you have to establish yourselves… It’s not as fickle as some other sites where you can become a valued member by simply being good looking or being great at flaming (although that can help)… You need to establish who you are and what you’re about and be able to insert a useful part into the site and those you wish to talk to.

    It does have the odd section where you can just dive in but generally you have to work to earn your place on Vampirefreaks.

  2. death says:

    its a way to show that your not just another prep ass bitch.

  3. -x-killer-kitty-x- says:

    VF is full of nothing but jaded, hypocritical shitbags and cyberbullies. If you want to make friends with fake, intolerant crud like that then have at ‘er, but if you already have an actual life and REAL friends you’re much better off focusing your valuable time and energy on nurturing what really matters. VF does not matter; and in the long run it’s only going to ever amount to little more than a curious sidenote in the autobiographies of a steady, continual string of sociopathic killers anyway.

  4. Lester 9 says:

    its a way to show that your not just another prep ass bitch.

    I see no difference whatsoever between the average prep ass bitch and the average specimen of pigshit that regularly stinks up the VF messageboard with their inane, ridiculous banter and holier-than-thou pretentiousness. Both social cliques are equally shallow, narrow-minded and typically insulting, demeaning and openly hostile toward anyone that doesn’t fit within the parameters of what they’ve determined to be agreeable. Assimilate or GTFO, right? Fit in or fuck off, right? Sounds to me like just the kind of thinking one would expect from the prep ass bitches of the world. Sounds to me like precisely the same line of thinking that runs rampant within the cliques that these oh-so-freaky vampires are perpetually, monotonously pissing and moaning about – the same cliques who are generally in the habit of beating the retarded crap out of the worthless, smarmy types of wimpy, whiny, melodramatic loser that overpopulate How can you consider yourselves any different from a thing when the majority of you are identical to that thing. It takes a lot more than a couple of ugly tattoos, a few piercings and dressing like Bela Lugosi having a bad hair day to be able to pass yourselves off as anything other than just another herd of tools.

    And I’m not even going to get started on how many underage girls are sending naughty pics of their teeny titties and fuzzless beaver through their inbox to all of the dirty, old men prowling around on there. That place is so full of filth it’s no wonder it’s so disgustingly filthy.

  5. Winston Legthigh says:

    You wrote two long, boring paragraphs about a Vampire website, Lester 9. Feel free to kill yourself.

  6. Evee says:

    Actually I thought they were reasonably interesting paragraphs.

  7. Lester 9 says:

    You wrote two long, boring paragraphs about a Vampire website, Lester 9. Feel free to kill yourself.

    You couldn’t think up anything original there, Smegmapie?
    Just remember, Dilbert, it’s down the road, not across the street. *hands you shiny, new razor blade*

  8. Winston Legthigh says:

    Oh fuck, a RED DWARF reference.

  9. Winston Legthigh says:

    Lester 9 OG

    Lester 9 walks into LAWS 122 lecture with a capital “H” drawn on his forehead in black sharpie; rolls his eyes and claims that nobody “gets” it.


  10. -x-killer-kitty-x- says:

    You’d fit right in on VF. Not only are you blabbering on about an obscure british television show that only nerds who can’t get laid ever bother to watch, but you seem to think that insulting people over the interwebz makes you some kind of cool.

    Lame like a cripple.

    I think Lester’s comparison between preps and VF’ers was actually quite accurate; and I think his paragraphs were decently written.
    You, on the other hand, should take that Sharpie and draw a nice big “L” on your own forehead, listen to Lester’s advice, use that shiny razor you’ve been given and get on down that road, Dilbert, before you do something retarded…like breed.

  11. Zetsubou*Romance says:

    there are a few things i feel like saying right about now.

    First off (to the author of this article) in order to fit in on that website you need to be very active and express interests in many things in order for people to recognize you out of the crowd. People probably didn’t talk to you because they probably thought you were mean and wouldn’t reply anyways. I know that when I see someone who has “you” listed in their dislikes I don’t usually want to talk to them because they’d probably tear me apart for just being friendly.

    Now to death. What you said was very hypocritical and is what leaves the negative marks on our subculture for the general public to see. All sub cultures have their downfalls but not everyone is the same. I’m friends with many different people from many different walks of life and really the only thing we have in common with each other is our tolerance and understanding for one another, and not judging each other just because of our subcultures.

    Now to Lester 9. I don’t even know where to begin to point out the hypocrisy and downfalls in what you’ve said, but let me start off by saying don’t tear me apart for my opinion. You gave yours and you obviously hate it when people tell you what they think of it, so let me just give mine without being ridiculed by what you believe to be “clever” remarks and “intelligent” things to say. I don’t think what you said was right at all, and you made yourself come off like the arrogant scum you’ve been ranting about. Actually, what you said made you look lower than them. Every website has predators. Not just VF. The same thing is happening on Myspace too. The people on VF (I agree) are not better than anyone else in this world, but I also believe that theres more to these people that your not seeing. I know because I’m one of them, and I’m not afraid to admit it. Everyone has a dark side to them and everyone has a light side to them. If you were to take a day with one of these “wimpy, whiny, melodramatic losers” you’d see that they are good people and most of them are very friendly to the outside world.

    In any case, I believe you really just don’t know what your talking about when it comes to these sorts of things because your only seeing what you want to, what most people outside of this sub-culture want to. You don’t know the first thing about “us” so don’t act like you do.

    Thats all for now.

  12. Lilly Ann says:

    Lester 9, that was quiet rude, and im sure you do not care but before you should be able to say something about the people of VF, and their cutures and such you need to know them. not all of them are “wimpy, whiny, melodramatic losers” most the of the people go through alot more hard times then your preppy rich ass. people go through hard times and some deal with it deffrently then others. so why dont you back off of them until you know their case.
    I applaud you Zetsubou*Romance
    and i agree with you on 100%
    “its a way to show that your not just another prep ass bitch.”
    very true
    its also a place to show that your not just another “emo” or goth or punk its a place to show that you are an individual and not another poser
    although some of the population on VF is “emo” goth, punk and maybe a few posers but it is another place to chill and talk with people with the same intrests as you
    so if someone doesnt like the website, dont bitch about it, simply dont go there.

  13. Amber says:

    I have been a member of VF for 4+ years, I love and enjoy every second of it. I don’t even like myspace. VF is full of fakes, but the real people, make it worth while. <3 I love VF. YAY. and guess what? I’m not a whimpy loser or whatever? I’m completely amazing and I’m just a bit full of myself. Happy go lucky =]

  14. Dana says:

    I use VampireFreaks to tlak in cults. There re some cults which are very nice and it’s fun chatting to people. You have to be on VF for a while, and search more to find better parts of the site. I find it better than MySpace because people are more intersting and not just trying to get thousands of friends.

  15. Jay says:

    Hmmm. Seems some of the people on here are 100% against VF. I remember when it used to be a lot harder to get a profile on VF. Your pictures were only posted if you were considered to be the most fetished of freaks, the most elite and beautiful. Back then, I thought it was kind of bullshit because a lot of people visited the site but weren’t permitted to be on it due strictly to looks.

    I’m a lot happier now that VF allows anyone to join, but this does unfortunately allow more room for fake profiles, ignorant people, and even cyberbullies…although I wouldn’t be so dramatic as to call EVERYONE on the site a “hypocritical cyberbully” as aforementioned above.

    I would also like to add that while Lester 9 seems very opinionated and willing to back up and stick by his statements, I have to add my own thoughts. Not everyone on the site is someone sitting alone in their basement, pissing and moaning about darkness and the black abyss. Take me for example. I don’t have to run my words through a spell checker; I’m very literate. Also, on the “Assimilate or GTFO, right?” comment, I would like to make a correction. Assimilate is kind of a joke, really. You have to have been visiting the site for a while to get it. “Assimilate” is far more interesting than “Submit”. It’s more of a play on words than anything. It’s taking the word “submit” to it’s secondary definition, as in to submit to a way of life. The meaning isn’t meant to be literal, either. You’re not committing to anything, it’s just a joke.

    I think perhaps the reason that you didn’t manage to gain any friends on the site is because of your barren profile. Scantily-worded profile, likes, and dislikes sections make people think of fake profiles, or profiles created solely so that the person may rate their main profile, basically using others as mule accounts to gain more ratings. However, if you would have talked to someone like me, who is willing to look past a scarce profile if the person holds up interesting conversation, I think you would have been better off in the way of making friends.

    I do recommend VampireFreaks as a site to grow and evolve on; I would also advise you to stay away from the cults (just message boards, by the way…witty names and all with the glorified goth thing) that are application-only. Cult staff will also sometimes judge whether to accept or deny a request based on the profile. Once again, not taking the time to create an interesting and informative profile will end in failure on the site.

    I’m not writing this as a flame or anything of the sort, simply stating my views and giving advice on maybe why VF wasn’t such a big hit for you.

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