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May 28, 2007 | by  | in News | [ssba]

Candy, cheap beer lure small audience to forum

Four of five by-election candidates spoke at last Wednesday’s candidates’ forum at Mount Street Bar, campaigning for the roles of Women’s Rights Officer (WRO) and Education Officer (Welfare) (EO).

The forum drew an audience of around 25, comprised of VUWSA staff and exec members, and hecklers.

Acting WRO Georgina Dickson kicked off the speaking in her campaign for the WRO role. Dickson says she will “do anything and everything in my power to make Vic an equitable place for women to get degrees.”

Dickson says her current achievements as Acting WRO, including a successful No Diet Day shortly after filling the WRO role. She says she wants to continue her work thus far, including the Thursdays in Black campaign and the Salient women’s issue.

Dickson also gained popularity with the crowd through cultured references to balls and “divine consultation”. EO candidate Stephanie Stuteley told the crowd that if elected, she will raise the profile of VUWSA’s ‘welfare department’ and make students more aware of the services available.

Stuteley says she will be good at mediating issues within the exec to help prevent fighting and personality clashes.

WRO candidate Stephenie Williams began by saying that WROs “in the past haven’t done that much”, and that issues such as gender pay equity and male:female ratios at Vic still need improvement.

As WRO, she would be available for women to talk about their problems and would promote the Thursdays in Black campaign and Women’s Room, although she admitted not knowing where the Women’s Room is, and not being a part of the Women’s Group. Salient staff were slightly offended by her comments about the lack of feminism in its pages weekly.

Education Officer candidate Gabrielle Stewart arrived a bit late and Salient missed her audience address. Stewart was asked by Environmental Officer Tushara Kodikara if she can handle waking up in a cold sweat after nightmares about the exec – something which has plagued him during his time in the portfolio, before refusing to be bribed with votes for beer.

EO candidate Paul Danger Brown was not in attendance.

One audience member, ‘Derek’, was booed and named ‘the new Nick O’Kane’ as he repeatedly questioned the candidates about their campaigns, and continuously asked the candidates to elaborate further on their answers.

Voting is open from May 28 until June 1. Check your student email for details on how to vote.


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With her take-no-prisoners, kick-ass attitude, former News Editor Laura McQuillan adequately makes up for her lack of stature. Roaming the corridors (and underground tunnels) of the University by day, and hunting vampires and Nazi war criminals by night, McQuillan will stop at nothing to bring you the freshest news.

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  1. “One audience member, ‘Derek’, was booed and named ‘the new Nick O’Kane’ as he repeatedly questioned the candidates about their campaigns, and continuously asked the candidates to elaborate further on their answers.”
    Those doing the booing should be ashamed of themselves. People should have the right to find out about what candidates stand for and what they plan to do in office. After all is this not what candidates forum’s are about? One problem with VUWSA elections is that rarely is enough scrutiny placed upon candidates standing.

  2. Georgina Dickson says:

    I agree actually, I didn’t mind being asked questions at all. I’m pleased that there’s students actually taking an interest in the by-election. The election forum is everyone’s best chance to singe everyone and grill them so they really know who they’re voting people. In fact, I would have liked MORE people to come along and question the candidates…25 people was not a great turnout…

  3. Joello says:

    Laura forgets to metion that she was one of the poeple that booed Derek off

  4. steve says:

    I am allways surprised that the feminatazi in nz is so far behind the rest of the world in respect of equall rights.
    Have they actually checked out the stastics , regarding education levels obtained at secondary school and the followon through to varsity?.
    I suspect they may have somewhat of a general man hating adgenda.

  5. Joel Cosgrove says:

    Christ Steve, you act as if a university education is the end all and be all. What about the gender pay gap? That nurses get paid less than cops? I’m a feminist, do I hate men? Am i signed onto this general man hating agenda?
    Secondly, men feature overwhelmingly in the take-up of apprenticeships. Too much is placed on university study as opposed to tertiary study in general…

  6. Phillip says:

    Nice one Joel.
    Contributing to sexist stereotypes by using cops and nurses to illustrate. the gender pay gap problem.
    Why do you assume that males are policemen and females are nurses?
    That’s pretty sexist.
    It’s that kind of elementary trap you fall into, the kind that means no one really takes you seriously about your beliefs.

  7. Phillip says:

    sorry – shouldn’t have been a full stop after the word illustrate.
    Rest of the comment is as stands.

  8. Joelle says:

    ‘sorry – shouldn’t have been a full stop after the word illustrate.’

    That’s the kind of mistake you make that means no one really takes you seriously about your beliefs.

  9. Phillip says:

    I don’t have beliefs.

  10. Joelle says:

    What about your neoliberal agenda

  11. Phillip says:


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