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May 28, 2007 | by  | in Theatre | [ssba]

Mrs Peacock, “Rock 101”

16-19 May
Bats Theatre

The Comedy Festival is in town, so I headed out for a dose of natural prozac, starting with a walk to Bats, and a short wait until Mrs Peacock performed Rock 101, their new show which is a series of lesson-styled skits covering ‘how-tos’ for a variety of musical genres. Musical, funny, and at times hysterically non-PC, especially to some random heckler who said something very rude, which they handled well, I thought.Mrs Peacock are really versatile entertainers, singing material ripping styles from artists ranging from Creed to Elvis, Johnny Cash, and various trippy hippy tunes and some 70’s heavy metal. They get bonus points from me for talking about the general misogyny rampant in the music industry in the 70’s, and using the word correctly in context. They did do a great piss take of a “soft rock love ballad”, a genre they mocked mercilessly for being “totally unrepresentative of the style of music played by rock bands, and usually the ballad is the only song that makes a popular single”, and followed it with a song that was basically an anti-ballad, with the chorus “I hate you, goodbye” which made me laugh very hysterically, and recall several past relationship breakups when it would have been SO useful.Several other songs had memorable chorus lines, including the Johnny Cash-styled Texan ballad, which had a narrator on the run from “a man and a bear from Texas”, surely the funniest piece of mournful-cowboy-heading-for-a-bad-end lyric I’ve ever heard. And then there was the “sad story about dark times past” genre, which used the riveting phrase “I ain’t gonna be your motherf*n man whore no more” in the chorus.Finally, they came up to contemporary music trends, describing emo music as “you don’t understand my pain” songs, with a lyric riffing on an accidental thumb cutting incident, something that Sylvia Plath was overworking in the 60’s. A little emo-bashing goes a long way, though, and that may have been too much.It’s a very funny show, get out and see them any time they’re performing, there’s even a recording available, I do believe.


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