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Ground-breaking in the world of new media, Tickle first made an appearance in 1999 as Founded by James Currie, the goal was to use the Internet to help people learn about themselves in a context they could best understand.

Using a popular culture context the site offers over 200 tests and quizzes that at first glance look like they could either be straight out of Cosmopolitan magazine, FHM, or E! channel depending on the topic chosen.

Tickle describes itself as the ‘first social networking product to deliver deep user profiles that go beyond basic demographic data to include group affiliations, career history and personality traits’.

It has what it calls the nine main channels: Entertainment, Style, Careers, Relationship, Mind & Body, Teens, Lifestyle, Family and PhD- Certified. It is the last category that gives Tickle a lot of credibility. More than 2 million tests are taken a week with 5 billion test questions taken since 1999. A staff of PhDs working with experts in various fields comes up with each test. But these aren’t any ordinary bunch of academics who get their degrees out of cereal boxes, but a team of psychologists from such Ivy League colleges like Harvard, Yale and Duke amongst others.

To try it out I took some of the tests myself and discovered that: I am more Lindsay Lohan (62 per cent) than Paris Hilton, I would thrive in a corporate culture that allows you to be a visionary, I’m a sports car and my inner rock star is Justin Timberlake. Which is totally tragic really…


Seen some green? Hugg is the website that members of Gecko should already know about. It’s a tree hugger user generated blog run by, which describes itself as a source for user generated green news. Completely no frills, it has a really long list of updated links to the latest green related news items that have been submitted by users.

It’s a rather boring site, but with the increase in environmental awareness due to Al Gore’s hypocritical and self righteous grandstanding since he left office means that a lot of green minded consumers out there may like it. I use the term consumers loosely as the content is largely middle class orientated. This is evidenced by recent headlines like the following:
– Five reasons why cork makes for environmentally friendly wooden flooring for a house;
– Papagayo organic spiced rum;
– Wanna help the rainforest? Buy yogurt.

Forget Naomi Klein style articles on globalisation, dry UN reports on how Britain, Australia and New Zealand raped the environment of Nauru and original debate about global warming. Here instead you will find predictable green fare like what Hugg boasts as ‘the latest on green architecture, transportation, fashion, alternative energy, politics, products and technology’. Despite not being to my taste, it may still be worth a look if you are the type of person that sat up to watch Live Earth.


It could be a scene from Kafka or Brazil. Imagine a government agency, in a bureaucratic foul-up, accidentally gives you a copy of a document marked “top secret” and it contains a log of some of your private phone calls. (

With that being the first blurb of the first link on Reddit I saw when I visited recently for the first time I was immediately hooked. This news site is so straight to the point and full of really good articles, with no pop ups, flash animations and annoying ads so you won’t use up 5 MB of bandwidth just reading the home page. Instead what you will get is a basic list of the latest or hottest articles that users have posted that can be discussed and voted on in the blog area.

Other crackers are:
– ‘Cult of the Founding Fathers’ allows the United States to persist in describing itself as the freest country on earth, although by nearly every objective criterion, most European nations are more liberal and free than the United States.
– Gore Vidal goes solar. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power responds by invading Vidal’s home, ripping out his wiring, and forces him to go back to using their grid.
– Woman Arrested for Not Watering Lawn.

Reddit is essential bookmarking for those into civil liberties and bloggers wanting to increase their material.

YouTube Video of the Week:

Lego Millennium Falcon Stop Motion

This would seem pretty geeky but it is actually quirky enough to watch


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