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Council Rep Candidates

Christopher Bishop

My name’s Christopher Bishop and I’m currently completing a LLB (Hons) and BA. I’m standing for the Uni Council position because I think I can be a constructive and articulate advocate for students at Vic. Christopher BishopI bring five years of experience of working with, and leading, students. I’ve been the President of the Debating Society, and on the Law Students’ Society and the Publications Committee.

I promise to be a forceful and articulate voice for students around the Council table. I don’t have any party political allegiances and I’m able to work with, and listen to, people from all walks of life.

Why should people care about the council?

The Council is a relatively unknown institution, but it’s very important. It sets the fees that students pay, approves new courses, and has oversight over the budget. It’s vitally important that students have input to decisions that affect them, and I intend to ensure that they do.

What difference can a student make on the council?

The Council Rep is only one vote of many, but that person is one of the few ways that Council members actually stay in touch with student concerns. So a student can make a difference, but it’s important that the student representative is articulate and passionate – qualities I believe I possess.

Jordan Williams

Hi, I’m a third year law and commerce student from Hawke’s Bay. I bring an understanding of the University through being a tutor and having served on the Academic Committee.Jordan Williams I consider myself mature and professional, owning my own communications company and having contracted to a number of political parties and Members of Parliament (from both side of the spectrum).
Please visit the A-Team website,

Why should people care about the council?

They shouldn’t. Student’s should care about drinking, ****ing and having fun – I’m only running because the current mob are such an embarrassment!

What difference can a student make on the council?

How long is a piece of string!? I think that more can be achieved if the students on the Council are respected by their fellow members. I can assure the student body that I won’t be there to conduct political stunts – rather work hard and do my best to insure Vic students get a better deal (fees) and better services.

Sonny Thomas

Kia ora, I believe that people deserve the best run at life. That no matter what their social background they should have options.Sonny Thomas Access to education is vital to ones ability to have options.. University offers new paths – but there are restrictions – these should be addressed. Fee increases are a barrier for many people. I think that the University Council is flawed in its attempt to raise fees by 10%. I have board experience on the Family Planning board and having been chair of the District Health Board Youth Advisory Group. Join my Facbook Group:

Why should people care about the council?

University Council sets fees. And if you have a loan, University Council essentially decides how long on it will take you to pay off your loan. For the average student it is currently 13 years – but with a 10% increase in could be 15 – 20 years.

What difference can a student make on the council?

The right person can work with council to take a new direction and move council away from higher fees and toward developing a sustainable campus. When students work together big things can happen, i.e. interest free student loans.

Zeb Harland

Hi, I’m Zeb, a good honest arts student. I’m in my second year majoring in criminology and doing some psychology and classics on the side. Zeb HarlandI’m just one of you guys, so I’ll be able to represent your opinions at the council.

Why should people care about the council?

People should care because the council’s decisions have very big implications for all the students. For example; if the council decides the university needs more money, it means fee rise for all of us… average.

What difference can a student make on the council?

Well I can stand up and say “Enough is enough!” When they try and raise your fees. Basically I just get to oppose all the stuff the council makes up to try and screw you guys, good fun! Remember vote Zeb, because ‘Ill rep you well’.


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