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October 1, 2007 | by  | in Opinion | [ssba]

Food bank Parcels just got BIGGER!

Welfare Vice President Candidate Melissa Barnard and I sat down last week and discussed some of her ideas, and there were several. One such idea was using budget brands to increase the size of food parcels—how ridiculously simple was that idea!

So today, after taking an inventory of the food bank, I decided to sit down and go shopping; grocery shopping online that is. When it comes to shopping for the food bank I’m pleased I don’t have to push around trolleys, as that would require a lot of people power. On average we give out near 400 parcels a year and thanks to the support of Student Services we have a fairly sizeable budget to maintain this service. The funny thing is we’re about a million miles off of utilising that budget fully this year.

Anyway, I hear you asking, “what will I get extra in a food parcel should I need one?” The quantity of pasta given will now double and so will that of canned tomatoes, baked beans, spaghetti and soap. This change has decreased the average cost of a food parcel and it means you simply will get more to help you through those tough periods. This may help to elevate a little more of the stress of those in financial difficulty.

So anyway, if you need a food bank parcel you should come see us at VUWSA. The bigger parcels will be phased in during the next couple of weeks while we run down the more expensive brand stocks, but you should all know that VUWSA is here to support you.

Coming soon will be articles from student services. In my period here I have started to make some very useful connections with our friends at student services and this has occurred by simply sitting down and having a conversation with those in key positions—there are some truly lovely people out there working for students.

So on another note and with exams looming, you should all make the most of the services you have paid for in your levies. So make use of student learning support, check out disability support if you’re a differently abled person or if it’s getting all too much for you in terms of stress, check out the counselling service. Remember the staff here at VUWSA are also at your disposal and my office door is open to any student who needs any help with anything.

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  1. Elijah Lineberry says:

    What a shocking proposal!

    Increasing the size of food parcels, gosh, whatever next?!?!

    A much better proposal would be abolishing food parcels altogether to encourage personal responsibility from the [former] recipients, so they stop tapping up the ‘prize bunnies’ at the foodbank once they have spent all their money on alcohol, lotto and I-pods.

    No one is so poor they cannot afford baked beans or soap…that is simply absurd.

  2. ron "triangles triangles triangles" paul says:

    go away you silly libertarian

  3. Elijah Lineberry says:

    Why should I go away? this is a public website, at a public University funded by taxes I do not…and open for people to make comments…and ‘charity’ is something I feel strongly about.

    Perhaps you could explain to me how someone could be unable to afford a tin of baked beans or cake of soap?

    My Manservant, Damien, told me that baked beans…(never eaten them myself, but I gather they are popular in some circles)…can be purchased for as little as 89 cents at Remuera New World, and a cake of soap for $1-10.

    How on earth could a chap be unable to afford that?!?!

    I simply do not understand.

  4. Informed Opinion says:

    Elijah: I’m sure there are some high school websites you’d prefer to patronise ;-)

    Anyway – since you are a dumbfuck and need it explained to you – the average student gets a loan of about $180 a week to live on. Most of these students don’t receive any financial assistance from their families. Rent and utility expenses for students in Wellington average around $165. Now add food, transport, clothing, and incidentals to that and you can see the problem.

    Most students have part-time jobs to help them survive but you’ll find the average person using the food-bank service is studying intense design courses and simply doesn’t have time to supplement their income. On top of this they have very expensive course costs. Unfortunately, a number of students have had to resort to striping and prostitution to survive.

    I realise (from your previous comments) you probably care very little for this but I’m not writing for your benefit. You’ve obviously got a serious chip on your shoulder and are hell bent on hating tertiary students. I’m writing this so to highlight what a fucktard you are.

  5. Evee says:

    I see a lot more design students with ipods than design student hookers working the streets.

    If it gets so bad that you have to sell your body against your will, don’t you think the logical thing is to drop out of your expensive course?

  6. Elijah Lineberry says:

    I find it sad you need to engage in personal abuse.

    I have a number of questions about the points you make…

    1. If it is unaffordable, why do students attend Victoria University and live in Wellington?

    2. Why not abolish ‘Intense Design Courses’ (whatever that is) so there are no further calls on the food bank service?

    3. I do not hate University Students (quite the opposite in several dozen cases) and where did that idea come from?

    4. What is wrong with stripping or prostitution? I am sure the average student would be much better off engaging in that form of self employment than attending lectures on non subjects like “Media Studies”, “Women’s Studies”, “Sociology” and a myriad of others.

  7. Michael Oliver says:

    God, you’re awful, Elijah.

  8. Timmy says:

    Hi Elijah, it’s Timmy. Wanna come over and play? Can you bring some lollies again? Especially the ones that make me feel like I’m on the merry-go-round. We can play wheelbarrows. My friends won’t play wheelbarrows with me. I tried but they beat me up and called me a fag. What’s a fag Elijah? I asked my primary school headmaster, but he told me off.

    Satire anyone?

  9. Informed Opinion says:

    Yeah true – there is more to suggest that Elijah is a kiddy-fiddler than there is to suggest woman can’t drive or read maps.

    How embarrassing for Elijah; his own logical defence for Perigo’s rants used so poetically against him.

    BTW Elijah, as you’re such a fucktard, I see little point in answering your ignorant and ill-considered questions. Fuck you.

  10. Elijah Lineberry says:

    Do you feel better now, Informed Opinion? got that off your chest?

    As you see no reason to answer perfectly reasonable questions and points…(see previous comments regarding ‘irrefutable arguments’)…I am reminded of the old saying “Silence means consent” ;)

  11. Michael Oliver says:

    So, I guess we have no alternative but to assume Elijah’s favourite pick up line is “does this smell like chloroform?”

    You’re an embarrassment.

  12. Informed Opinion says:

    “Silence means consent”

    Ewww… I just got a horrible image of Elijah with a 10 year old.

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