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October 8, 2007 | by  | in Opinion | [ssba]

Let Them Assume the Position

Some years ago at this university there was an essay competition for humanities students, instigated by Sir Robert Jones. The topic was “That the world would be a better place if BCom students were given a daily flogging” (Commerce students were forbidden to take part: an unnecessary restriction, I thought, since they can’t write anyway).

Sir Bob and his co-judges—all of them drunk at the time—awarded a prize of $1000 to an English Literature student, one Sandi Miller, who argued that flogging commerce students would keep God amused, thus deflecting Him from such other entertaining diversions as killer tornadoes and tsunamis.

A sound thrashing was possibly one of the outcomes Sir Bob had in mind when he dispensed some advice to a couple of BCom graduates who were pestering him with their flow-charts and spread-sheets awash in “paradigms”, “scenarios”, “dynamics”, “inputs”, “throughputs” and “outcomes” and similar gibberish. “Buy a copy of ‘Truth’ newspaper,” he admonished. “It includes half a dozen pages of classified advertisements by many hundreds of young ladies who are eager to commit diverse atrocities on willing males. Accept these offerings and work your way through the lot. At the end you will not only be a great deal better for this but will have a better handle on life at large.”

Personally, I consider floggings for BCom students an excellent idea. There can be little doubt that the perpetrators of this kind of abomination ought to have their sorry butts welted:

“The Team will facilitate a Visioning Session with each neighbourhood in their hometown. The session’s purpose is to encourage and foster collaborative efforts among all critical neighbourhood stakeholders involved in the successful implementation and management of the principals [sic], strategies and recommendation’s [sic] of the Neighbourhood Revitalisation Action Plan.”

For years I have relied on rational persuasion when dealing with the kinds of morons who say “going forward” at every opportunity, and failed lamentably to affect any diminution of their retardation. So yes, I have come to believe Sir Bob is right—it’s time to repair to the lash. After all, as one-time First Lord of the Admiralty Churchill famously observed, the lash, along with buggery and rum, is what kept the British Navy together.

But why stop at commerce students? I can think of several other groups for whose recalcitrance the only solution is a daily horsewhipping. For instance, those insufferable pests—usually tea-towelled taxi drivers or nose-ringed shop assistants—who persist in asking, “How’s your day been?” It’s none of their damned business how my day has been. A good thrashing is undoubtedly the best response to this infernal, intrusive impertinence.

Then there are those who bite into a raw carrot while speaking to one on the telephone, to deafening effect. In fact, any ass who eats raw carrots should be flogged anyway, since carrots give you cancer. As for those cretinous creatures who chew gum—a merciless whipping is the least they deserve. To be sure, chewing gum doesn’t give you cancer, but I find it offensive.

The All Blacks ought to be flogged until they learn to speak—and by “speak” I mean more than the asinine mumbling of “Yeah, no” or “No, yeah” in answer to every question they’re asked.

Yes, Sir Bob was on to something. To hell with this limp, libertarian “live and let live” tosh I’ve hitherto espoused. Thrash the buggers, I say! The world would assuredly be a better place if most of its inhabitants were flogged routinely.

Needless to say, however, this bracing daily discipline should be withheld from those who show signs of enjoying it.


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  1. Lance says:

    Och, Ye great southern pansies! Are women such a delicate bunch they need protection from the opinions of raving hommersekshuals? To read the full Op-Ed go to

  2. Harry says:

    Only one more piece of dribble by this fuckward… only one more to go Lindsay, beofre your drity wet dream of being published beyond your sad little blog ends.

  3. Michael Oliver says:

    Perigo kinda phoning it in.

    Although I do know one or two people who object to being asked “How are you?” by shop assistants on the basis that one should never ask after another person’s well being unless they’re sincerely interested, which I suppose is fair enough. God knows if I’m having a shitty day and some perky-eyed starlet behind a counter asks “And how are you?” I’m gonna lie through my teeth and say “I’m fine, thanks” — unlike my friends, who would find themselves getting an earful about what hilarious dilemma has destroyed my life.

    Also, Anton Oliver’s probably the most ridiculously verbose sportsman in the country, and he’s an All Black front rower. I think you’d like him, Linds.

  4. Elijah says:

    That chap Harry seems a cry baby doesn’t he?

    For those that want to read the entire article, yes, as Lance says…go to

    Lindsay is quite correct about females.

  5. dr. president ron "i don't even support free market solutions to genocide" paul says:

    [Note from Linz—the following three paragraphs were excised from the version in Salient, presumably for fear of a backlash from humourless feminazi Thought Police]

    Of course, where the offenders are women, the severity of the floggings should be much greater. Come to think of it, ALL women should be caned daily as a matter of course. The silly creatures can’t drive or read maps, and the world of linear logic is closed to them. They are simply gaggles of hormones. These days they “speak” through their noses in a series of upward inflections. They make Kath and Kim sound cultured. They fall for any old alarmist twaddle, as we saw with MP Jaccqui Dean’s’s call for the ultra-dangerous substance dihydrogen monoxide (water) to be banned. To think we gave these woeful grotesqueries the vote!

    Some misguided males find them useful for sex, as per Sir Bob’s advice above, but if guys want that sort of thing they should open a can of sardines—which won’t answer back. Women turn every little thing into a cosmic drama, and there’s no point in trying to reason with them since they are congenitally incapable of reasoning or listening. If they do, by accident, manage to absorb something you said, they’ll tuck it away and quote it back at you thirty years later.

    Daily floggings wouldn’t cure women, exactly—there is no cure for women known to man—but they’d certainly be very satisfying to administer.

    jesus christ. someone’s bitter. is it because the average libertarian woman (and thus the only one who’d be even close to be interested in you) looks something like this?

  6. j-dogg says:

    “Only one more piece of dribble by this fuckward… only one more to go Lindsay, beofre your drity wet dream of being published beyond your sad little blog ends.”

    Most probably a BCA student. Suck it in loser

  7. Michael Oliver says:

    [Note from Linz—the following three paragraphs were excised from the version in Salient, presumably for fear of a backlash from humourless feminazi Thought Police]

    AKA, “I was over my word limit and had to cut something.”

  8. Bung says:

    I assume this is ‘article’ supposed to blast us out of our PC purgatory, to stun us morons to a new level of awareness, but it just comes across as the sad bitter ejaculations of a twisted old fuckwit. It has none of the inate humor that is inherent in the libertarian authors which he is so obviously trying to imitate (P. J. O’Rourke). But the thing which makes it really sad is when you go his ‘blog’ and check out his cheer leading squad.

    Elijah seems to have a thing for very young boys ( and Lance seems to be the new apple of Perigo’s eye, some kind of libertarian roger ramjet, desperately fellating his master at every oppertunity.

    If these articles do serve a purpose it is to expose us to this sad little world Perigo and his team inhabit, serving as a stark reminder of the dangers of getting too wrapped up in one’s self and/or searching for vindication in narcissistic philosophies like objectivism.

  9. Elijah says:

    I am presuming this fellow ‘Bung’ is a hoaxer? or perhaps about to publish a Dictionary?

    He really should calm down a bit, learn to spell and stop flapping his hands about like some child with Down Syndrome trying to recite Shakespeare.

  10. Adrian Wilson says:

    This is like bad stand up

  11. mike says:

    How sad, Lindsay gets his little mates to write comments, so it looks like some people agree with this shite.

  12. Elijah says:

    …and what if I like young boys? Their skin is so much more supple and they don’t require waxing.

  13. mike gardner says:

    Repulsive. First we’ll kill the muslims, then we’ll give women the bash.

    Good riddance to this creep and his pathetic toadies.

  14. Michael Oliver says:

    Hey, Linz! What’s with dees broads now anyway? They’re all like building sandcastles ’round our balls and shit — I mean, whatcha ‘gon do, baby, cook a roast dinner with your mind?

    I gotta tell ya — best place for these broads is back makin a fine deep dish pie for me and my schmeboygahs, you know what I’m sayin? Shit, I gotta tell ya, there’s dees wise guys from the flower power seats in Manhattan — real weisenheimer types, soaked in Armani and Wall Street spritz — who gon’ go take the urinals in the White House for a friendly stroll down to some gavone’s pitfall, right? I mean, I gotta tell ya, I’ve heard of them commanders in chiefs, but commander in broad? Nah-uh, you knuckleheads, you can’t cook a roast dinner with your mind — especially if yo president.

    I also got the heebies thinkin’ ’bout that Barack Osama. Yeah, yo gon’ take me ovah the bridge, pal, and don’t be spritzy on the mileage, alright?

    Broads and brothas. Sheesh!

  15. Elijah Lineberry says:

    Whomever wrote the post at 8:34pm, using my name, is a lowlife scumbag!

    It shows the depths you people sink to due to hitting the brick wall of irrefutable arguments.

    How pathetic you are!

  16. Michael Oliver says:

    “Whomever” is used in reference to the object of a sentence, not the subject so — oh, wait, hang on.


    Ahh, there we go, tally-ho! You’re naturally predisposed to use an objective pronoun over its sewer-dwelling commie nominal alternative because it sounds like that thing that woman wrote about in that book that my sordid left-leaning spinster lecturers in the English Lit department failed to teach me that one time because they were too busy voting Labour or whatever. And fair enough too, I might add.

    I mean, if I was trying to trash those philistines and their pithy commentary on Salient’s website, I, personally, would try to offer insight in an enlightened, friendly manner befitting someone with something to offer — but that’s just me. You, sir, sneak in like a 7-year-old boy looking for ice cream, stab at the first remotely contradictory analysis of your friend’s commentary (woah, women can’t read maps and what’s the deal with airline food, am I right?) then shoot off back home to gauge yourself in the revelry of having TOTALLY ZINGED those stupid fucking students.

    That is the life, ladies and jellyspoons. That is the life.

  17. Michael Oliver says:

    Oh wow, these guys weren’t kidding. That’s one fucked up blog, Elijah.

  18. Harry says:

    Good one Linz..

    You forgot to add why libertarians need flogging…

    All libertarians start of being socially inept at school, the kids that weren’t pick for any team during play time. All libertarians then went off to high school, where they were the social rejects, being pick on, they slowly built up a repulsion against society. After leaving high school, they went of to uni, but felt they were superior to everyone else. They all wanted to be part of the student associations, but knew that no one would vote for them, so they formed groups to bring the student associations down. All libertarians lost their virginities at the age of twenty-two, after one night of drunkenness, and ended up sleeping with their flatmates. After leaving uni, all libertarians’ parents would loan their children money to buy property. After living in their own homes, they ended up selling them, and investing in more. They slowly built up their investment portfolios, but still remain socially inept. Their hated towards society grew. They all hate social contract, because in gets in the way of what they want. After all the market should solve all problems, such as how much to pay to sleep with children

    All libertarians would love to be publicly flogged, as it would fill their sexual fantasies.

  19. Shrug Atlas says:


    Leave us poor students alone. We know you’re a washed up broadcaster who can’t get a job but is insulting Vic students a constructive way to deal with your issues?

    I think not.

    Love Ayn & the Brandons

  20. Mike says:

    That chap Elijah seems a cry baby doesn’t he?

    I hope he doesn’t get in trouble with the cops for his fetish, oh yer, he has money, should pay himself out of trouble.
    Harry is quite correct about Libz.

  21. dr. president ron "i don't even support free market solutions to genocide" paul says:

    I should add that anyone who routinely refers to women as “females” has got serious issues. But then again, when you’re talking about libertarians, that kind of goes without saying.

  22. mike gardner says:

    Sorry but some things are not funny. Misogynistic comments and jokes about bashing women is one of them.

    Lineberry is obviously a deluded nutcase. They can expect to erode their voter base (such as it is) by welcoming him into their midst.

  23. Michael Oliver says:

    Start again. This is satire, please look it up.

    Well, there’s no doubt that this is satire — it has all the hallmarks of Perigo’s award winning sense of humour — but you gotta understand something:

    Linz is writing for a publication read by a generation of students who grew up watching South Park and The Simpsons; who cultivated their senses of humour during their teenage years by watching The Office and reading; and now, enjoy the comedic stylings of Jon Stewart on the Daily Show; Jeremy Wells in Eating Media Lunch and hell, even the off-the-wall genius of shows like Arrested Development, Extras, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. We’re well versed in satire, and we don’t need a crash-course in the aged musings of Swift to realise that “female commerce students oughta be flogged, man how hot would that be, LOL!” just isn’t that clever or amusing.

    We’ve been exposed to funnier, wittier, more offensive and just downright better satire than this. It’s embarrassing to think that this was written to be “politically incorrect,” when in all honesty it’s a weak, tame diatribe by a writer who quite obviously flicked it off his PC in less than half an hour.

  24. Michael Oliver says:

    Actually, this got me thinking about Lindsay’s tenure at Salient as a whole. The guy’s obviously has a very fluent, funky-fresh writing style, and has an uncanny knack of riling up the masses with a gentle flick of self-righteousness, but he obviously has a great deal of contempt and disdain for the docile university masses, and revels in the irony of writing for a publication that caters entirely towards them.

    But then again, Salient has always adopted an editorial policy of “what gets people talking = good,” especially this year, so one must wonder who’s playing whom here. Is Lindsay Perigo using Salient as an ironic tool, or has Salient used Perigo’s innate ability to piss people off with consummate ease as a way of grabbing readers’ attentions? My guess is Salient approached Lindsay — which if true, would lend credence to the latter.

    Then again, there may be a reach-around thing going on, which I really don’t need to think about at this time of night.

  25. Mitch says:

    Mike Gardner, what the fuck!? How can you have the nerve to criticise “Misogynistic comments and jokes about bashing women” when you have just falsely accused someone of being a paedophile!?

    Do have any idea how seriously fucking stupid it is to go throwing accusations like that around!?

    You too Harry. You’re a couple of stupid, stupid fucks.

  26. dr. president ron "i don't even support free market solutions to genocide" paul says:

    See, the thing with satire is that it has to be a) funny and b) subtle. Perigo’s comments about women are neither. It really is that simple.

  27. Mitch says:

    That simple huh Ron? Well I find it funny. And for a gay man, I think he’s done very well. :)

    “If they do, by accident, manage to absorb something you said, they’ll tuck it away and quote it back at you thirty years later.”


    Whatsmore, how could anybody read that article and then seriously take it seriously!? I mean, SERIOUSLY!? Have you all lost your minds!?

  28. ron "kill your parents" paul says:

    Perigo seriously believes that libertarianism is a credible and moral philosophy. It’s impossible to tell what he means us to take seriously.

  29. AMSelector says:

    Perigo, as I understand it, was approached by Salient.
    We can only guess at his motivations for saying ‘Yes’.
    Reach around or not, I think the editor has played him like a fiddle – in journalism, as they both should know, it is a constant war between truth and readership.

  30. Mitch says:

    Ron. Firstly, it’s Objectivism. If you hadn’t had the state school/university brainwashing you may be able to see that Objectivism IS a credible and moral philosophy.

    In any event, you contradict yourself, because the central tenet of libertarianism is the ‘non-initiation of force’ principle. If you know that Lindsay is a libertarian (and you have the first clue about libertarianism), then you also MUST know that he is not serious.

  31. AMSelector says:

    We are well aware that Perigo is not serious.
    But he isn’t very funny either.
    Never mind ‘hilarious’.

  32. mike gardner says:

    I am well aware of what satire is Mark Hubbard.

    A few years ago I often used to listen to Perigo’s radio show. I have found him to be a lot less funny than I remembered. Maybe I grew up, but maybe he got lamer. I don’t know.

    Nearly every opinion piece he has written for Salient has just been vapid, mean-spirited pointlessness. In that respect I think Salient has scored a king hit. Perigo and the toadies who have revealed themselves have done more damage to their political party and libertarianism than any money could buy.

  33. harry says:

    Are you stupid Mich? I guess so, you cannot tell that my comment was satirical. You are very foolish and easily offended, maybe a bit too PC for your own good

  34. maggie says:

    He he! Libertarians are funny! We should just let them have their wee opinion pieces if they want. No one takes them seriously so it is easy to see why they get so worked up. If a crappy piece in Salient lets Perigo get his jollies we should just let the poor old thing have his mad ravings. If it upsets you don’t reply – you’re just feeding it.

    Also Mark Hubbard – we still study Swift at university. He would be rolling in his grave if he knew Lindsay’s ranting was being compared to his work.

    Keep it up Lindsay. Along with the crazy letters to the editor in the Wellingtonian you make me laugh. At you, by the way.

  35. ron "i am what libertarians actually believe" paul says:

    objectivism is the furthest possible thing from a credible philosophy in the universe

    maybe next time you should pick a philosophy written by somebody who didn’t clearly want to be raped by a wealthy businessman

  36. Olivia says:

    When I read this, it makes me feel sick that university students are as madly warped as you Salient crowd have proved yourselves to be. What feels worse, is the dread that people like you will one day run this country. God help us!.

    Perigo is the best voice we have in this country, simply because he is one of the few, if not the only voice on air who stands loudly for PERSONAL FREEDOM. Does that not mean anything to you ill-bred, little babies?

    The philosophy of Objectivism is the only philosophy that enshrines individual freedom and achievement as a noble ideal. If I’ve missed another whole philosophy that does this also, please, let me know the name of it.

    Do any of you students know what an ideal is? What about noble… do you understand the word?

    No, I’m sure you’d rather amuse your mindless brains playing in the gutter, accusing your betters of paedophilia and hurling insults at an unsurpassable heroine named Ayn Rand, who by the way, had the likes of you in mind when she wrote Atlas Shrugged. You’re referred to as the snivelling, whining, ugly mob.

    For the sake of our beautiful country, please grow the fuck up…. and get an education that is not from a government institution.

  37. dr. president ron "would you KINDLY kill your father" paul says:

    Anyway, Perigo doesn’t have a leg to stand on with this whole “You shouldn’t be taking it so seriously thing” if he’s genuinely upset about people suggesting online, using ridiculous pseudonyms, that he’s a paedophile. Anyone reading that would know it’s a joke (admittedly not an especially funny one, given that we have far better material to work with – enjoying Atlas Shrugged is significantly more embarrassing than molesting children).

    ps: since I know you’re reading this, Michael Oliver isn’t the editor, he’s the sports writer. I know fact-checking is ever so difficult, but really, how do you expect to cope in a brave new world, free of government regulation, if you can’t even take five seconds to figure out something as obvious as that.

  38. Mike says:

    From Pergio’s site “You too had balls when you hired me.”…..

    What the fuck… Steve, was this guy getting paid for this shit?

  39. dr. president ron "atlas swallowed" paul says:

    doing it for free would be an act of “altruism”, which is explicitly against the objectivist code of ethics, so I imagine he was

  40. Lance says:

    “objectivism is the furthest possible thing from a credible philosophy in the universe”

    I see

    “doing it for free would be an act of “altruism”, which is explicitly against the objectivist code of ethics, so I imagine he was”

    Gosh and you seem to understand it so well…

  41. ron "fleet-footed" paul says:

    these things i believe

    1. communism is pretty bad but at least it looks good on paper. libertarianism looks insane and evil on paper.

    2. the only country on the world governed according to libertarian principles is a violent third world hellhole

    3. objectivists seriously believe that the concept of social responsibility is tantamount to enslavement, yet none of them have the balls to put their principles into practice and move to somalia

  42. ron "i will kill a limitless number of people" paul says:

    in before “somalia’s not a REAL libertopia”

  43. Joey says:

    “Ayn Rand, who by the way, had the likes of you in mind when she wrote Atlas Shrugged. You’re referred to as the snivelling, whining, ugly mob.”

    Yep, that’s Rand all right. Why make a coherent argument when you can set up straw people and then knock them down with crushing obviousness?

  44. mike gardner says:

    Mark Hubbard, I have read Atlas Shrugged, and I think objectivism has quite a lot going for it. The problem here is not objectivism per se, it’s Perigo.

    Perhaps you could tell us how he promoted objectivism by writing ‘ snivelling, whining, ugly’ opinion peices for this journal. Seems to me he has put the student body off Rand for life.

  45. Michael Oliver says:

    For the sake of our beautiful country, please grow the fuck up…. and get an education that is not from a government institution.

    Hahaha, what is this garbage? Olivia with a hammer nailing students on the internet to the cross of righteous indignation.

    We students — pigs, if you will — can be found feeding at the troughs of myopia, gauging on government-funded gruel and misery, while a horned devil with a Labour Party tattoo burns the letters “BA” “LLB” “BCOM” “BARCH” “BSCI” onto our asses, forever tainting us with the mark of tertiary education….

    Meanwhile, in America, students at a privately funded university in, oh let’s say New York, find themselves learning virtually the same material as their pork-laden New Zealand counterparts — dear god. Cou-cou-could this mean that the taint of socialised, overpriced, gruel-flavoured government slop has permeated American academic discourse too?!

    Seriously now, does Atlas Shrugged have a chapter entitled “How To Be a Fucking Dick to Everyone Who Disagrees With Objectivism, Because Trying to Offer a More Pragmatic and Agreeable Insight Into the Philosophy Would Be Too Fucking Hard, So You Can All Fuck Off and Die Already”? Because that would make so much sense.

  46. ron "purestrain collodial silver" paul says:

    i for one was shocked and appalled to find that libertarians were all socially maladjusted randroids

  47. lalalala this is what happens when you don’t have a government to regulate things~

    Abdullahi Abuker Mahamud

    I am taking these 220 cows to new pastures, along with some colleagues.

    Only some of them belong to my family. People pay me to look after their cattle for them.

    Abdullahi Abuker Mahamud
    Sometimes freelance gunmen come and steal my money or some of my cows and I can’t do anything

    I have heard about the new government and I fully support it.

    Life is very hard for us cattle herders.

    At the moment, I am always afraid that I could be killed in revenge after some members of my clan killed someone from another clan.

    That’s how my brother was killed.

    I think the government can bring peace and stability to Somalia.

    The first thing they should do is to collect the weapons from the gunmen.

    Then I want to get my family’s land back.

    We were chased off our land by another group who were better armed than us.

    I am able to take the cows through the checkpoints without anyone asking me for some of my cows.

    But sometimes freelance gunmen come and steal my money or some of my cows and I can’t do anything.

    I am not armed.

    no tribalism or racism (which as we all know is merely an ugly form of collectivism) here, just people looking out for their own interests.

  48. ron "i have been torn to shreds by helldump 2000" paul says:

    no you see that’s not TRUE libertarianism because


  49. Michael Oliver says:

    “i have been torn to shreds by helldump 2000”

    Wait, you’re a Goon?

  50. ron "triangles triangles triangles" paul says:

    every kiwi who even knows who ron paul is probably a goon

  51. Mark says:

    I was hoping for something intellectual, something much, much better than the nonsense Somalia analogy, which is not analogous at all: that country is rent apart by tribalism which is absolute anathema to Objectivism.

    And you said ‘communism is pretty bad but at least it looks good on paper’.

    You evil bastard. What, do we just count the 100 million odd people that system has slaughtered as an aberration, and the rest who have lived lives of misery under it’s oppressive totalitarian regimes as unfortunate?

    Disgusting. And that is the most constructive answer you can give me? It’s not answer at all.

    I’m horrified. God, there is no hope for the West.

    Mike: Perigo is simply trying to wake the student body up, because in terms of the big ideas, the important ‘stuff’ on how to live a life, it is asleep (or something much worse, looking at some of the replies above, which are appalling.)

  52. dr. president ron "and you will know USA by the trail " paul says:

    oh you bastard I was just about to use the “triangles triangles triangles” name

    you’re right, though, I only know who ron paul is because of something awful. It’s not like he’s polling high enough to be relevant anywhere else, after all.

  53. Michael Oliver says:


  54. dr. president ron "it's not a genocide, it's a market correction" paul says:

    informal goonmeet itt

    ps: apparently the editor of salient is a nazi

  55. dr. president ron "no, says the man in galveston, it belongs to the janjaweed" paul says:

    I just wanted to point out that “solopassion” sounds like a euphemism for masturbation, which is appropriate since the site amounts to little more than mental (I hesitate to say intellectual) masturbation for Mr. Perigo, while his supporters look on in admiration.

  56. ron "i will gut the first amendment" paul says:

    you see the reason that communism ‘looks good on paper’ is that on paper it’s not actually theoretically predicated on hundreds of millions of deaths even though that is exactly what seems to happen whenever it’s actually tried which is why it is bad

    libertarianism openly prescribes a neo-feudalist wasteland in which government and society and human nature are abolished and expects people to conclude that this is actually a good and praiseworthy thing

    also the fact that a libertarian-style government leads to outcomes that are totally opposed to the ideas of libertarians’ guiding philosophy might lead some of them to conclude there was something wrong with their ideas

    actually that is what would happen if they weren’t brain-dead morons on a par with hard-left communists who claim that the USSR wasn’t “real communism” and that anyone who disagrees with them had been brainwashed by the establishment boogeyman of their choice

  57. dr. president ron "ENDORSED by David Duke!!" paul says:

    no but you see, my fellow anti-Ron Paul, libertarianism is about personal liberty, it’s there in the name and as we all know, there is nothing greater than liberty (except maybe purestrain gold)

  58. ron "i don't even read my own racist propaganda" paul says:

    it’s pretty funny how the lolbertarians are so totally unused to anybody taking them seriously enough to argue with them

  59. Elijah Lineberry says:

    Normally when chaps argue with me they hit a brick wall of irrefutable arguments, and in frustration quickly delve into personal abuse, swearing, dodging questions (which cannot be answered without giving the game away), and generally showing them up for the socialist lightweights they really are.

    A bit like the 60 or so comments on here, really.

    If you wade through the abusive hysteria…you will notice that the following claims have NOT been refuted…

    1. Commerce students require flogging.
    2. They cannot write.
    3. Females have no logic or reasoning.
    4. Taxi drivers and nose ringed shop assistants also require flogging.
    5. All Blacks cannot really talk properly.
    6. etc…etc

    This is the startling fact of this entire matter.

    You socialist dolts simply cannot…in SIXTY posts…refute a single argument Lindsay Perigo and others have put to you.

    To paraphrase Margaret Thatcher… “How pathetic the [causes] you support, and how pathetic you are!”

  60. mike gardner says:

    Lineberry — Perigo has said this was satire — supposed to be funny — not an irrefutable argument. There are no ideas in his post worth arguing with, it’s nonsense.

    As I said to Hubbard, Perigo is not promoting objectivism by insulting people with this year 6 rubbish. If Salient got a good writer on the subject (Peter Cresswell for example), you may get some converts.

  61. Elijah Lineberry says:

    Let me help you out then, Mike Gardner….

    The Top 10 reasons it is nonsense are:

    (I dare you to fill this in, and earn my respect) :P

  62. ron "would you KINDLY kill your parents" paul says:

    1. written by a libertarian
    2. written by a libertarian
    3. written by a libertarian
    4. written by a libertarian
    5. written by a libertarian
    6. written by a libertarian
    7. written by a libertarian
    8. written by a libertarian
    9. written by a libertarian
    10. written by a libertarian

  63. Elijah Lineberry says:

    Ahhhhh…right, I understand now.

    The problem is being a libertarian. That is the ‘crime’ here.

    Mr Paul has no arguments whatsoever…he simply arbitrarily declares something to be ‘wrong’ …no debate, no discussion, no research, no reasoning, no logic.

    It was the anniversary of the ‘Night Of The Long Knives’ a couple of days ago…and I am sure Mr Paul would have felt right at home with Hitler, who also arbitrarily bumped people off for no particular reason.

    My challenge still stands…give me the “Top 10 Reasons” why you disagree…(bet you cannot do it)

  64. dr. president ron "my experience as an OB/GYN qualifies me to lead the nation, because libertarians don't understand politics or vaginas" paul says:

    what’s he satirising, anyway? people who agree with him?

  65. Evee says:

    he’s satirising you

  66. dr. president ron "my experience as an OB/GYN qualifies me to lead the nation, because libertarians don't understand politics or vaginas" paul says:

    that’s weird, I don’t feel satirised

  67. Murray N Rothbard says:

    Oh dear Elijah are you really that fucking stupid that you can’t understand why nobody is debating whether commerce students should be flogged, your really are stupider than you look. Perigo hedging his insults behind “satire” oh my, how brave! what a fucking renaissance man he is! I can see why you’re so enamoured!

  68. Joey says:

    Two gay men are claiming that “females have no logic or reasoning”. What a surprise.

    Are you just trying to justify your choad-guzzling ways, or do you actually have some experience with women?

  69. AMSelector says:

    Can I just point out that it is not the standard opinion of gay men that “females have no logic or reasoning”… besides, choad-guzzling is, i’m sure, just as much fun with illogical recipients.

  70. mike gardner says:

    Agree AM — the vast majority of gays are respectful to women.

    For Perigo, assuming he is reading:

    I have been looking at your Sense of Life Objectivists site over the last week. I know a little about objectivism, and saw very little sense of life, or objectivists for that matter, on the site.

    Most of Lineberry’s posts are highly offensive and his ideas could not be further removed from those of Rand. He is a libertine and a social metaphysician, not a libertarian, and certainly not an objectivist. But I guess he’s rich so that’s all that matters. Rand would be spinning in her grave

  71. Joey says:

    “For Perigo, assuming he is reading”

    You’re kidding, right? We either blindly accept what he says, in which case he already knows our response; or if we disagree we are moronic and uncomprehending rabble, in which case we’re not worth paying attention to.

    So why would be bother reading comments?

    Btw, my comment wasn’t intended to mean “All gay men hate women,” it was “Why do these particular two gay men think they know anything of substance about women?”

    All white people don’t hate black people, but very few white people really understand what it’s like growing up black, and those that do mostly get their knowledge by living with black people and genuinely trying to understand. How many gay men spend any time living with & trying to understand women? (Apart from their mummies, that is.) There are probably some, but I’m willing to bet serious money that – for example – Elijah Lineberry is not one of them.

    At least Perigo framed his arguments as satire, with comic intent. Lineberry seems to have taken them as “irrefutable arguments” and swallowed every word as The Truth.

    Lineberry stands for a particularly ugly form of misogyny that I’ve seen before in a vocal minority of gay men. It’s right up there with a well-known NZ business figure (who I won’t name for obvious reasons) who is often known to “prove” by after-dinner anecdote that black people are less intelligent than chimpanzees.

    All these people do – as Lineberry has done here – is offer an “argument” that does not contain any kind of evidence or proof, and then claim it to be an “irrefutable argument” because no one can counter evidence and proof that doesn’t exist in the first place.

    In terms of intellectual rigor and emotional maturity, it’s about as good as saying “If I can’t see something, it doesn’t exist! You can’t prove that I’m wrong!”

    I don’t think there’s any kind of “standard opinion” among gay men other than a sexual preference towards other men. Gay men aren’t any more of a homogenous group than straight men.

    But it’s my position that misogynistic gay men come to their vile opinions on women through ignorance. Just like racists – mostly people who only have experiences of people of their own race, with perhaps one or two unfortunate exceptions.

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