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October 15, 2007 | by  | in Opinion | [ssba]

The Long Goodbye

It’s the last column, yet the one I think I had thought of the longest. It’s the one where you know one important thing: there will be no next week.

I am reminded of the thoughts that I faced more often that not each time I came to the end of the academic year. A lot of apprehension, with exams looming in the near future, what I was going to do to survive in the holidays, and whether or not I had to work, or study in the break. Mostly I was wondering where to spend New Year’s (as part of my childhood was spent in Whangamata, I am over having New Year’s in that Mecca of debauchery) and what I was going to do with my study notes.

So here are some thoughts on how to overcome the end of year blues. First, do not wait till next year to apply for student loans or allowances, this might make more sense if you are applying for the UBSH, but it won’t matter if you don’t get in next year, you still can get the support next year. Second, as much as I love my family, I think it’s all for the best to try and avoid moving out and moving back. Ignore that piece of advice if you hate your current flatmates or you broke the cardinal room: don’t screw the crew. Third, try and get some work in the holidays. Work experience, particularly if you are 2IC (second in charge) or better is very useful later in the job front, but if you get the right type of job, you can really build up the contacts for later. If you value your eyes, avoid being a chimney sweep: the dust is hard to keep out of your eyes, and it will sting. If you are going away on holiday, consider the old TV slogan: don’t leave home till you’ve seen the country. I remember hitchhiking around the North Island and found the experience exhilarating, and certainly underrated when compared to the South Island. A final piece of advice, do not burn your study notes too soon. There’s nothing clever about running about like a pygmy while you celebrate the end of the year, only to realise that the final exam actually was an open book exam.

I said in my first column that the VUWSA President has the opportunity to use their limited number of words allotted in Salient to educate the student body. I don’t think I had an enormous impact, to be honest, but I think that if one keeps it up, there will be a tipping point, and the student body will appreciate VUWSA more because of it. I challenge my successors to avoid grandstanding, and use their opportunity to spread the word, so to speak. Do not turn this column into a bitchy rant; if I’ve learnt anything this year, no-one likes a finger pointer. While I am not quite certain what the future has in store for me, I wanted to thank my supporters, and remind people that I am still happy to enjoy a beer or tea with you. If you see me on campus and you see me, then don’t be a stranger.

Finally, good luck to you in the upcoming exams, my best wishes to you if you are carrying on study next year, whatever level of study it is, and have a good break. Ka kite!


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  1. James Hetfield says:

    Personally Geoff, I do not think you have accomplished anything this year. I will admit that you have not had the easiest executive in the world but since you couldn’t control your executive it obviously makes you a useless, crappy leader….but then again, we all knew that.

    As for your President Column. No one actually gave a shit about what you had to say. Your random mumble gumble was the worst reading in the world. I would rather read something George Bush had to say before I read something you have to say. Coming to think about it. I would rather vote for George Bush than you. Thank god Joel Cosgrove won. Another year of Geoff as President and VUWSA would have become a thing of the past. Geoff as President = End of VUWSA as we know it.

    You will never become anything. I suggest you give up now and go on the dole since thats the best you can ever do.

  2. Lars Ulrich says:

    James, you faggot, we’ve got band practice in about twenty minutes.

  3. Kirk Hammett says:

    Band pract– I didn’t hear nothing about no band practice! You guys are fucking dicks. I quit.

  4. Lars Ulrich says:

    Yeah, like we need you anyway, you wrangly-haired princess. Fuck off.

  5. Ronny James Dio says:

    ….as if anyone other than Kirk has any talent in that cunning band. Wasn’t Hammett the one who noted that Les Claypool wasn’t allowed to join because he was just too good a bass player?

  6. Cliff Burton's Ghost says:

    You guys have blown chunks since I died anyway, so F-U, metal forever.

  7. James Hetfield says:

    chunks is the name of my dog

  8. Lars Ulrich says:

    Hey, that was MY dog, you asshole. Remember, I brought him along to practice one time and he sat on your FUCKIN LAP the entire time? HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO SING “FRAN-TIC-TIC-TIC-TIC-TIC-TIC-TOCK” WHEN HALF WAY THROUGH EACH CHORUS YOU STOP TO ASK “WHO’S A GOOD BOY? WHO’S A GOOD BOY THEN? YES YOU ARE, YES YOU ARE”?

    hate this band gonna start a new one

  9. James Hetfield says:

    can i b init (the new band) i’m multi talented

  10. Lars Ulrich says:

    lars i smad

  11. Ronnie James Dio says:

    What a bunch of bickering lil’ pussies. Oh look I spelt my name right… Dio will defeat you with the power of SATAN!

  12. Thom Yorke says:


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