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Welcome to the Orientation edition of Salient magazine. Here you’ll find a description of all the happenings put on by the Victoria University Students’ Association (VUWSA) over the next two weeks, from a BBQ accompanied by ska-punk bands, to a hangi accompanied by soulful reggae tunes. Above all else, we encourage you to rock on down to at least one of the three Clubs days, because no matter how weirdly unique you are, we guarantee there will be at least one group worth joining. If you don’t go out and find it, you may be condemned to spend the rest of your university years in solitude, hoarding textbooks and muttering about dinosaurs. Not that dinosaurs aren’t pretty sweet in their own special way.

It’s also worth getting along to check out some of the music on show – after all, it’s paid for out of your student levy. If you were at primary school in the early ‘nineties, you’ll remember when Supergroove were all over the telly, and you used to sing ‘Can’t Get Enough’ on the school bus until the driver swore at you and ran over pedestrians. Go see them play if you wanna remember that experience. If metal is more your cup of whisky, we’ve got Chuganaut; if you’re so garage rock that you hum three-chord riffs in yer sleep, go see the Datsuns. Or if you prefer skanking to chill beats and acoustic jams, see Tiki Taane and Tahuna Breaks.

Many of you’ll no doubt partake in Orientation’s delights from the bottom of a bottle of vodka or the end of a spliff. Which is sweet and everything, but Wellington can be a pretty creepy place of an evening, what with all the ominous skyscrapers and influx of boyracers from the Hutt. So while we want you to go nuts and let your hair down, remember not to accept rides from dodgy old men in panel vans.

To put it another way, sometimes the folk here at Salient and VUWSA are like your mate Shazza, urging you to burn down the bike sheds and raid yer folks’ liquor cabinet, because we want you to have good time, ya? But sometimes we’re like your ma and pa, calling you a dick when you go too far. Like that time you fell on that kitten when you were drunk and made it cry.

Now that’s just not cool.

So we’ve also provided you with pages of info on keeping safe while out drinking, along with more pages of cartoons and puzzles to keep that brain ticking over when it’s hungover and lazy. We’ve also thrown in a little history of what VUWSA, your students’ association, actually does.

Anyway, I’d like to keep rambling at you only last night the spirit of Salient spoke to me through the ancient depths of the office computer network, and it wants to have a few words:

Dear Reader,

My name is Salient, and YOU own me.

Well, you and 21,075 other Victoria University students.

I am delivered around the four campuses of Vic for you to take, without paying, every Monday morning of the school term.

I’ll be there for you to doodle over, eat, or make paper darts out of. I’ll be there for you to wipe your bum with when your student allowance fails to arrive one week (and it will); I’ll be there on those winter nights when the creepy Wellington Nor-Wester blows and you need something, anything to burn to keep out the cold. I’ll be there for you to use to wipe away the vomit after a night out on Courtenay Place.

And, in those times of sheer desperation when you cannot bear to listen to another word your lecturer says – you may even want to read me.

If I am become a bastion for crazy political ramblings, or an utterly hopeless excuse for in-jokes and hipster bullshit, then it is up to you to save me. Only you hold the key, for you, student, are my master.

love, Salient.

Come and visit Salient before it wigs out and develops artificial intelligence, ‘cos if that happens… doom.

Walk on in, our office is located in the Student Union Building. Or you can email the editor – – or give us a call, 4636766.


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Tristan Egarr edited in 2008. He threw a chair once.

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