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February 26, 2008 | by  | in Online Only | [ssba]

Red Dragoning

Carbon foot prints just went through the roof for NZ. So did the trade deficit. I am not wholly convinced that a free trade agreement with China is the best deal for NZ. Sure we get a huge market for our primary products, but in a time when we should be diversifying our industries, a flood of cheap consumer goods onto our market is not the greatest thing.

Take garlic for example: There is perfectly tasty locally grown garlic at your local Sunday market, or fruit vege stores. Yet NZ supermarkets and apparently NZ consumers deem it better to go out and by garlic grown in China, shipped here, and at some point fumigated with methyl bromide.

Not only is this ridiculously wasteful since we can quite easily grow garlic here (amongst other stuff that we will no doubt import from China).  It has a huge carbon foot print, perhaps not ethically produced, and it is fumigated with a class 1 toxin.

The Labour govt has really shafted the Greens on this one. The buy kiwi campaign looks like an effort in vain compared to the effort gone into producing a deal with China. Also there has been no move on the origin of product food labelling regulations the Greens have been pushing for.

Consumers will be left with slightly more money in their pockets, but the money that has been sucked out of it is now not NZ, its in China. We will also be left with a large carbon foot print and for what?

In saying that will no doubt create unimaginable opportunities for NZ but is that what we need?

Hey derekguy, go fuck yourself.


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  1. Inadvisable Hand says:

    What the fuck Jackson. Have you finally flipped. New Zealand needs this deal. Free trade is good and will bring benefits to not only those in Otara, but those around the business round table. Everyone wins.

  2. Dr. Peter Manglethwaite says:

    This trade deal is a fantastic opportunity for the common people of this country, allowing them access to consumer products that would usually be out of reach of most ‘normals’. These people want to be able to walk into their supermarket and buy a six pack of DVD players. Of course such things as butter will be quite out of their reach, but this will assist the gradual devolution into the slave-like sub-species we are all looking foward to having.

  3. derekguy says:

    All right I have had enough! You need to take a grammar and spelling course stat.

    You work for a magazine (albeit a student rag) and publish pieces on politics. I don’t care how intelligent you are no student should write like this.

    I yearn for a time when commentary on politics was intelligent and subtly witty.

    You make ill-informed, regurgitated-from-the-six-o’clock-news commentary and it makes me sick. I have given this blog enough of my time. I was hopeful for something (a quirky point of view, a radical position, anything).

    All I see is a luke-warm commentary on already old news. Perhaps you need to concentrate on your studies and spelling.

    Goodbye from a dissastisfied ex-reader.

  4. [Name] says:

    Hi derekguy,

    You seem to have missed the overpowering subtlety involved in this piece. There are torrents of information in the first few sentences, parodying everything from your so called “six-o’clock-news commentary”.

    Perhaps you should investigate alternate information sources before making such a rash decision.

  5. Jackson Wood says:

    Loflophagous. Piss off we didn’t want you to read this anyway cunt. I can say that because I know he/she isn’t going to read it. Once again…. come to the office… Come see me and tell me what you would like to hear before ragging off, come do some sub editing. If you are so worried about this crap that you take it so seriously I suggest that instead of tuning off you take an active part. Unless you are me writing under a pseudonym in a drunk schizophrenic rant, in which case you’re an all right guy.

  6. Jackson Wood says:

    PS red dragon can also mean to slap a girl in the face with your penis leaving a red mark.

  7. E@5tsyde-89 says:

    I got tha hookup abowt this from my customer and I can def say dat a red dragon is when some1 putz lotz of opium under der 4 skin and getz u to suck it out den dey rap der penis round yo froat til yo turn red. Fuk yoos all Im payin ma bills!

  8. Dr. Peter Manglethwaite says:

    I agree with the young lady. Vive La New World Order!

  9. Dot says:

    I don’t even like garlic

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