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March 24, 2008 | by  | in Film | [ssba]

IMDB: fuck off

Oh imdb let me name the ways you are ineffectual as a teacher, mother and secret lover.

1st: Fanboys
Even the most commited Pasolini fan wouldn’t rate everyone one of his works with a perfect ten, but not in the land of IMDB. In the land of IMDB everything Quentin Tarantino has ever made, paid homage to, ripped off, or screamed the name of during sex is heralded as the new New Testament. But he’s not the only one whose one eyed fanboys fuck up the discourse: many other cult filmmakers have their obssesive groupies, clogging up message boards and threatening the lives of anyone who disagrees with them – that’s our job.

1st continued: You You being able to have an opinion makes me sick, how dare you get have a say, you haven’t read the work of wanky mcjackass so you don’t get to be complete twats – that’s our job.

2nd: The Land of the Free
Of the top 100 films as voted by IMDB members, 80 are American (and only 40 are good).

3rd: Their Editors
It’s accessible to the public but unlike Wikipedia it’s not editable by the public, a public who would probably do a better job then the web editors of IMDb. How is it that a charity-based website can be more informative then a site that makes a profit?

4th: Quotes
The quotes section has brought us people who are worse than the Nazis: those who constantly reference Borat. “Very nice” it is not, fuck off.


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  1. treverend em says:


  2. Haimona Gray says:

    Thats honour role at the learnstitute, yay

  3. Brunswick says:

    Most of the trivia in their ‘Trivia’ sections is transcribed straight from the DVD, they know sweet FA about NZ films and too many actors have ‘No Photo Available’. Don’t these people have agents?

  4. Ian Anderson says:

    I like the internet.
    It is warm.

  5. Ian Anderson says:

    OH NO!
    A FIRE!

  6. Borat Jr. says:

    Very nice article is! You like Stalin is strong men with powerful khram. Not like other articles as most written by Jew. You give sister so donkey sex I have with her?

  7. Borat Jr. says:

    Since the 2003 Tuleyakiv reforms, Kazakhstan is as civilized as any other country in the world. Women can now travel on inside of bus, homosexuals no longer have to wear blue hats, and age of consent has been raised to eight years old.

  8. no-ma'am says:

    I just can’t believe the Editor allowed this article to be published. Waste of space. Is HPG an enrolled student?

  9. Haimona Gray says:

    Yes I am, and it might have been but it least its gotten people talking

    Ian Anderson – Did you manage to get that fire out?

  10. Jules Vega says:

    Who would win a battle between Quentin Tarantino and God? Trick question: Quentin Tarantino is God!

  11. Ian Anderson says:

    I caught fire.
    I keep fire.
    Me and my fire.

  12. Ian Anderson says:

    Now my fire jar dance wrong!!!!!

  13. Ian Anderson says:

    Fire fight!
    Fire stab!

    Ouch! Fire!

  14. Alex says:

    the imdb is actually run out of the UK, not the USA

  15. Haimona Gray says:

    I wasn’t talking about a bias in the ownership or management of IMDB, I was speaking about the inherent bias of members, most of who are from the United States.

  16. Killer B says:

    Dude! You don’t like IMDB? Don’t visit. And DEFINITELY do NOT give them publicity by ranting about them on the web.

    There are so many bullshit websites out there, WHO CARES??? Try promoting those which have informative intelligent ideas to give the world.

    Also, don’t cry about Borat. ESPECIALLY by MINIMISING the NAZI ideals.

    Now MY rant is about NZ sites (including this one) using AMERICAN SPELL CHECKERS!!!
    I get REALLY FUCKED OFF when told to use a Z (pronounced ZED!!) instead of an S in words like minimise, specialise, and the like. It’s FUCKING BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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