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The End of the Mayan Calendar and the Apocalypse in 2012

The original meaning of the word Apocalypse is unknown to pop culture. This word did not mean destruction or the end of the world; it was more closely translated to “the unveiling of the truth.” How we react to the truth will determine the outcome of the apocalypse.

The Gregorian calendar is not in harmony with the forces of nature.

Our calendar doesn’t have a logical or scientific bases on which to start counting days. Our single calendar has kept us in a very limited perception, which is based purely upon a physical view of reality.

Mayans track 20 different cycles (calendars) of varying durations, which have to do with plants, humans, prophecies, numerics, the solar system, galaxy, universe and the divine. There are a total of 20 calendars. The 20 calendars can be used to understand our mission in this dimension.

The human calendar has 260 day cycles, it’s called the Tzolkin. 13 x 20 = 260 days = 9 months = the gestation period for a human being. No two days have the same force or energy. The calendar has a perfect count. It represents the energies governing the human body.

Using the mayan calendar brings us in contact with ourselves as beings in synchronicity with Earth’s rhythms.

The Mayans divided time using the sacred number 13. One calendar shows us that life is a constantly evolving process that follows a pattern of growth with 7 periods of light; in between these periods of light there are 6 periods of darkness. Over all there are 13 phases of growth in a cycle, and this cycle has 9 levels to it. This is shown in the number of levels this Mayan pyramid has:

This cycle of 7 periods of light and 6 of darkness in my opinion sounds awfully familiar to the first story that is written in the Old Testament.

The key to this particular Mayan calendar was found lying face down in the jungle of guatemala. It was a huge pillar with glyphs carved into it which represented some very big time periods. It said that creation started 16.4 BILLION years ago. This figure is very close to what Astronomers estimate the age of the universe to be. This 16.4 billion year time cycle comes to completion on the 21st December 2012 AD. Hence the end of the Mayan Calendar.

Here are what aboriginal cultures from all around the earth say 2012 is about.

Hopi Predict a 25yr period of purification followed by end of Fourth World and beginning of the Fifth. (1987 is the year known as Harmonic Convergence – The begginging of the purification).

Call it the “end days” or the end of time as we know it.

Say that as the veils dissolve there will be a merging of the physical & spiritual worlds.

Believe that the whole world will be turned upside down.

Kali Yuga (end time of man). The Coming of Kalki & critical mass of Enlightened Ones.

Call it the “Age of Meeting Ourselves Again.”

Call this the Time of the Sixth Sun. A time of transformation. Creation of new race.

Say that the spaceship of the visitors, the Nommo, will return in the form of a blue star.

Acknowledge it will be the emergence into the Fifth World.

Their ancient calendar ends exactly at 2012 as does the Mayan calendar.

Kalachakra teachings are prophesies left by Buddha predicting the coming of the Golden Age.

Egypt According to the Great Pyramid (stone calendar), present time cycle ends in year 2012 AD.

If all these aboriginal cultures from around the earth are talking about 2012 being a time of great transformation, then there must be something that our western world has missed.

So since we all live in New Zealand I decided to find out what the Maori have to say about this time on earth around 2012. This excerpt was from an internet forum:

“When asked, a few of the ‘kaumatua’ (tribal elders) had firm ideas of what they see happening in 2012. One said “Ka hinga te arai”… the rest nodded in agreement. Here’s what that means:

hinga = to fall arai = curtain

These are the modern interpretations of those two words. What he said is basically,“The curtain will fall.” Modern Maori is just like modern English: it changes over time, the meanings of words alter and get reinterpreted as time goes by. This kaumatua (elder) is an “old school” Maori… knowledgeable in the ancient ways, the old ways, the old original language… or “tuturu Maori” as it is called, which basically means “original Maori”. Anyway, in original Maori, those two words (hinga and arai) mean slightly different things.

hinga = to dissolve/to be removed/to fade arai = veil/thin separation

“Arai” is the main word there to look at. When people die, Maori say they have gone “ki muri i te arai” …they have gone “behind the veil”… passed over so to speak. So in that sense, “arai” actually means a “separator” between the physical world/plane and the spiritual world/plane.

So – “ka hinga te arai” in old Maori means the removal/dissolving of the plane’s separator… basically the MERGING of the physical and spiritual planes.

There are alot of theories about what will actually happen in 2012. Here are some of them:

We will have what is called a light body. Our thoughts will create our reality (just like in dreams) and we wont need to eat as much food.

As we get closer to 2012 our hypothalamus glands will start secreting natural chemicals such as DMT which will put us in a state that is similar to when we ingest pshycedelic substances. This means that we perceive the other side of the veil with ease.

We will be visited by an advanced race of beings who will give us technology beyond our current comprehension. We will enter an age of enlightenment (the age of Aquarius).

Our relationship will change with each other as we realise that we are all equal. Our egos will become transparent. There will be a huge clean up on earth.

The mayan calendar shows that as we get closer to 2012, time will start to collapse in on itself. Meaning that from our perception, time will seem to be speeding up. But in fact, we are just doing more things, in a shorter amount of time. This acceleration is happening right now, and in my opinion the Mayan Calendar may explain why astronomers believe that our universe is expanding at an accelerating rate.

As we move closer to a collapse of time we will start perceiveing events simultaniously. Through the use of the internet, more events are happening simultaniously and closer together. Cell phones allow us to connect to each other more frequently, so simultanious events have more possibility of arising. Have you ever been thinking of somebody and then they text or call you?

The Mayan calendar was used by the Mayans to prophesise about the future. They even forsaw the fall of their own civilisation. It is obvious to us all, that as a civilisation, we are advancing at an ACCELERATING RATE in technologies and communication.The Mayans prophecied that from the years 1992- 99, our planet would have reached a level of a planetary consciousness. In 1992 the internet was just becoming available to our homes. The internet has linked up communication planet wide. This is just the start. Because in 2011 it is prophisised that this planet will gain a galactic level of communication. And finally in 2012 we will be gaining a universal level of consciousness. What does this mean? The man who translated the Mayan calender for our Gregorian calender (the late Ian Xel Lungold), believed that in 2011 we would start having open contact with our galactic neighbours!

I will leave you with an excerpt of some Incubus lyrics which are about 2012 from the song “A Certain Shade of Green”


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  1. Scissors says:

    Rofl hippies. The Mayan calander says the world is going to end, and you interpret that as meaning ‘everyone gets free drugs produced by their own brains, they see ghosts and the age of aquarius begins’. What if it means, everyone dies and the world is sucked into a black hole? And wouldn’t time collapsing be a horrifically bad thing?

    This article needs more references/background/sources. Where can we find out more about this? Where is the info on the Pyramids, etc? The article mentions ‘an internet forum’ in connection with the info on Maori prophecies, but neglects to provide a link.

  2. treverend em says:

    dear humans,

    i am whom you call “god”.

    i am bringing super-ayahuasca to all you good folks on earth to ingest before i decimate you and your lowly sphere.

    sorry christians, there will not be your so called “christmas” in this so called christian year of “2012”.


  3. Toa 2008 says:

    You over dramatics need to take some time out for yourself! Take a deep breath, inhale, exhale, and relax. Heavenly Father will cleanse this world of all evil and leave his angels like myself to do the work! The aphorism of my matua was wise and noble in saying that 2012 is a time when the veil will open, with the merging of the spiritual and the physical realms. It is happening and for as long as i have seed that will continue to live and breath life into this world my soul will eternally watch “ki muri i te arai’ till we are reunited. Our father is far more intelligent than that my dear brothers and sisters. That plan doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t work for me! I am so blessed to have ancestors wise beyond measure, who knew the father almighty, the supreme, the beggining and the end of all things and i am eternally grateful for the knowledge, wisdom, and aroha that has been instilled into the very core of me while in my youth and all may ancestors both living and beryond the veil continue to impart with me throughout my living days. It will never cease but continue to live in me! I say put those thoughts of the world coming to an end in the year 2012 in the rubbish bag and yo watch my blood, my people, and my fellow brother and sister latter day saints, in all genuine faith and honesty inspire and lead the world in a righteous manner. I am a latter day saint, true and honest! email me

  4. scott says:

    It is my belief that the Mayans had help with their calender. Help as in a higher power. I believe this and other sacred documents were left with different civilizations to preserve and pass on such as the Holy Bible was. How we interpret them is another matter. The Holy Spirit is with us and you would know, some of us have experienced the presence in profound ways.

  5. JOKO says:

    GOD does not exist you will all be suprised!!!

  6. Abbas says:

    Well i dont knwo if this is all true. But still i beleive that we are missing different aspects of our world which could have been used to predict the future. i am not sure whts gona happen in 2012, but if such intelligent nations are saying some thing we must give it some weight.

    “Wht we precieve is not always the truth and wht we know is not always the end of the world there is always some to learn”

  7. jackie natividad says:

    the fact that these informations were handed over to us by ancient civilizations like the mayans and the virtue of our present accidental discoveries. who were considered far more advanced than our present civilization,in terms of astronomical calculation and the likes is i guess an honor for us to atleast know and learn from them. Religion i suppose has nothing to do with this precise calculation of the so called end of the calendar. It is how we all interpret the very meaning of what they really meant.

  8. Yamaya says:

    If anyone does not understand what Quetzalcoatl has shared then you will have missed the boat, so to speak. Kundalini must have ascended and descended fully in the physical vessel prior to the ascended chakras to activate and integrate. This is completely necessary in order to “ascend” consciously along with the new earth hologram. The rest of the earth’s population will stay behind with the old earth and continue on as they always have or they will have made their physical leave via the “catacylismic end times” via natural and man-made wide spread disaster and two viral epidemics – one which is man made and will backfire (all according to divine will) and the other will be a final vibration transitionary “virus”. Knowledge is strength. Faith is key. Ego means death. Namaste, Yamaya

  9. me says:

    I have to say I agree with this guy, the blind of mind will enter a stage of fear in which they will experience the armageddon they fear so much through hallucinations, and those who have no fear of these so called drugs that our body produces, could well possibly start pumping more when the magnetics of our planet change, and world wide as we start to communictae we start to see the synchronicities of life, we are definately waking up, it certainly sounds like we have good times ahead :-)

  10. Abel says:

    People have become so accustomed to their own foolish ways & thinking that they have become conditioned by these type of rumors and if & when it happens it will be like in the time of Noah. They would still stand around, laugh & joke when the end strikes and they won’t even realise it’s the end. Have a good laugh, because I think that’s what Noah did when people drowned around him like rats. Enjoy.

  11. papa smurf says:

    Damn I guess I’d better cancel all my plans and start spending all my money!

  12. smurfette says:


  13. Nick Archer says:

    Makes me wish I hadn’t joined KiwiSaver…

    At the end of the think we make our own reality and our own doom whether through tried and true and disciplined methods or airy fairy Tony Robbins style methods. If you are glum person you are more likely to experience a glum life…

    This is not the end (2012) for me but opportunity to make a new beginning, so don’t no need for Y2K style hysteria…

    But I do think some of these theories (about the future) will be depending on mass media and its effects of making everything abstract, the Internet is not about concrete reality, so who knows whether independently of those prophecies mentioned if computer scientists will create virtual utopias (and dystopias) that mirror these ala The Matrix…

    I do however like the idea presented in this article of everyone’s trippin like they have overdosed on LSD though… Watch out there might be nietzsche supermen every where in 4 years…

  14. Tony says:

    cool… might just explain all the de ja vous i’ve been having lately….. time to educate our minds as much as possible people!!!

  15. Jenna Powell says:


  16. noel says:

    for the last few years i have been sensing this thining of reality or this space and in the last couple of years i have been seeing/sensing thin patches to this reality.
    the veil is thining and reality or this space which we r in is going to dissolve it has started, i know this like i know the sun will rise tomorrow.
    i’ve been looking for information like some of this stuff i’ve just read for a while, not because i don’t belive what i sense and feel, just for some confirmation i sopouse??
    i have bn sensing this stuff for as long as i can remember, i seem to have been insinc with the universe since i was a child, it’s gettig stronger now though.
    all the stuff about time is so right too, around mid june this year the quickening of time took another jump and time has accelerated again.
    some of u might have been feeling a bit giddy,light headed or unearthed from about early may, this was all to do with the shift that has just happend.
    some of u might still feel this for a while as it will take some longer to acclimatise and get in sinc with this new speed we r now in.
    since this shift my intuition has gone through the roof.
    every thing which is happening in the world today with the rocketing prices and disscontent is a part of the energy we r cought in, it’s all a part of this quickening and things r set to get quicker and higher. ( HOLD TIGHT, HOLD TIGHT).
    we need to get used to this because it is gathering momentom, the worlds r getting closer and we r stepping into the inbetween.
    many years ago i have made contact on a telepaphic level with other life forms in this universe or they made contact with me?
    i have made universal consciouness, an experience of merging with the whole universe.
    from my experinnces for what it is worth all that stuff written in the featuer is happening and it’s happening now!!
    to all of u i would say it’s time to get your house inorder, 2012 is not 4 years away it,s just round the corner.

    if anyone has any informatinon on that shifft we have just gone through could u get in touch some how?
    was that jump pridicted in any of the mayan calenders??

    some people will read this and think that guy needs locking up, u r intitled to think that and i’m cool with it, but to u i wiuld say” WHEN I WAKE UP TOMORROW I KNOW THE SUN WILL B IN THE SKY!”

  17. OBLIVIOUS says:


  18. Gibbon says:

    We barely remember who or what came before this precious moment
    We are choosing to be here right now, hold on, stay inside
    This holy reality
    This holy experience, choosing to be here in

    This body
    This body holding me
    Be my reminder here that
    I am not alone in
    This body
    This body holding me
    Feeling eternal, all this
    Pain is an illusion


    In this holy reality
    In this holy experience, choosing to be here in

    This body
    This body holding me
    Be my reminder here that
    I am not alone in
    This body
    This body holding me
    Feeling eternal, all this
    Pain is an illusion

    Swirling round with this familiar parable
    Spinning, weaving round each new experience
    Recognize this as a holy gift and
    Celebrate this chance to be
    Alive and breathing, the chance to be
    Alive and breathing

    This body holding me reminds me of my own mortality
    Embrace this moment, remember: we are eternal, all this pain is an illusion

  19. Michael Oliver says:

    hello i have a degree in fun

  20. Chant_x[WARNING: RANT] says:

    I don’t know what to believe
    I have read all these prophecies in depth and it’s hard to deny there isn’t something wierd about totally different cultures predicting basically the same thing…
    And I can’t believe how ignorant people are
    look at all these things around you
    buildings, cities, cars, possessions
    they are all just an illusion fuck this isnt evolution all it’s doing is destroying the things that once upon a time every race and culture found sacred
    Most have turned their backs on spirituality and for what?
    because at some stage people came along put fences around what was once NAURAL EARTH and called it their own greedily…
    it’s borrowed earth how can humaity be so stupid?!
    And all this talk of God
    no FUCKING offense or maybe all offence… whatever
    but looking at the age your christian religion surfaced you have to thinks its a bit weird
    The Ancient Eygptians and Ancient Greeks and Aboriginals and native americans
    all worshipped many gods and goddesses not just one
    they didnt have to follow the rules of a certain man they worshipped different aspects of earth the one true thing thst here we seem to be taking for granted
    they were some of the people closer then us or anyone else to knowing the truth behind our existance
    they were closer to the time it all happened
    yet its not even practiced these days..not even nature gets apprieciated
    we rule from man made structures buildt now wrecked but once lush lands
    why is everyone so close minded if not ignorant?
    True it’s bliss but if you can’t simply think beyond what too put on your ipod and such maybe you should consider exactly what your missing out on because if anything will unlock the ‘magic’ of the earth its not found inside a house or your meaningless conversations about celebraties
    and if you still dont get my meaning try this
    when humans leave this place ad its bound to happen
    Animals and plants will return to our cities everything we’ve created will be destroyed in less then 50 years and because we unlike ancient eygptians have not made anything strong enough or memorial enough or perhaps even simple enough
    we won’t even have our signiture on this world
    the pyrimids have survived, the mayan calander and temples have survived
    we will be forgotten truly forggten and maybe its a good thing.
    And for the comment further up We don’t live a ‘glum’ existance
    whose to say you are living the right way maybe happiness is just delusion really
    just because media tells you otherwise doesnt make it true
    you have a single track mind like so many others you refuse to even entertain the idea
    and you use words like ‘glum’
    personally I love being hostile does that make me depressed and shit?

  21. noel says:

    yo! yo! yo! yo! party people – i’m back!!

    few more words on what’s going on, getting a better understanding of things now.
    sorry to tell u, well i’m not really!
    it’s started for yrs now people have bn feeling that things were not quite right and not been able to put finger on it, but just having that gut feeling.
    a lot of prophecies seem to coincide with this time and much the same bn said by people from all over the world thousands of yrs ago and people all over the world now.

    the feelings we have bn having about something happening ammounts to the same a hair line cracks in the world, time getting faster, weather changing , people becoming more aware of something which they don’t know what it is etc.
    time is collapsing in on it’s self and the world/reality start to crumble a bit more our economic system is getting caught up in the same energy that’s brining reality as we knew it down to.
    i have a very strong feeling that the whole world economic system is going to collapse if not all the most and the rest will be very shaky ,shortly after religion will get cought up in it too then the education system.
    as things get closer to the end days not a lot will make much sense to u because everything u knew or thought u knew will b falling apart.
    and some people will start acting out of character, doing strange things, saying strange things.
    baisically ur whole world is going to b turned insideout and upside down this time will test us, but don’t worry though or try not all is going to turn out right, we r in a transition stage we r going to find out who we really r and where we fit into in this grand plan and the universe.
    even though this will shake most people to the very core of there being, hang in there it’s going to b worth it.

    i have just bn through a kundalini experience the 5th release in about 10yrs i would recomend if u want a better idea of what is going to happen google KUNDALINI, especialy some of the u-tube vids.
    in 2012 the solar system is going to have a planetary alligment of seven planets which will basically make the solar system have a kundalini release and because we r in the solar system we to will be effected by these energies.
    whats happening now is that these planets slowly starting to allign and we r starting to feel the effects now, so them hair line cracks r getting wider and things r changing.

    i think thats enough for now i’ll get back with more for u when i’m moved to do so.
    but remember this these energies will b very strong and they will litrallary change the world and ur selfs with it, we r going to become more spiritual and the world and it’s people r going to evolve to a better state of being.

    don’t worry it’s going to b a bit bummpy but it’s going to b worth it.
    thank god we’re on the move.

    later noel

  22. Nick Archer says:

    In the last few weeks everything seems to be breaking down (especially with the markets!)…

  23. Matt D says:

    To the end of the world…if you believe in the christian god, and found out it has all been an elaborate lie used for control of the masses, then indeed, you would experience the end of your world.
    To the release of DMT…modern science is discovering that our brains do not create our reality, they actually limit it. Our bodies do not have enough, or produce enough energy to experience the full spectrum of reality. The DMT inside us sits dormant. Evolution wouldn’t include these chemicals inside us for no reason.
    To the end of an ancient calendar…

    I will leave my mind open. If there is a spiritual evolution, I will be a part of it. If not, I will still live in a state of consciouss awareness.

    If you knew you were going to die, wouldn’t you want to live the best life possible? Well guess what, life is a terminal disease. The only way you’re not going to die is if these Mayans were right about a transformation of consciousness.

    Your choice.

  24. Chant says:

    Very interesting Noel,
    As you have predicted we in the year which was said in many to be ‘the beginning of it all’ have not only started feeling but seeing the effects
    UK is covered in snow
    Here in Australia we have been having heat waves like nothing thats ever been recorded before, Everything is getting very interesting indeed.

  25. Wee Hamish says:

    — Scene 3, the bathroom

    Shot of Bill Cosby, naked in the shower, jerking off. At the side of the bath, a bottle of aunt jemima’s syrup sits with the words “Jell-O vagina” scribbled on them.

    Bill Cosby: Ya know, auntie Jo, when I was little there was a boy named Hickory Garbonzo. He used to play his bongos and his momma used to say boy stop playing them bongos but hickory just beat it harder until his penis had sores and cuts then he had sex with a lemon and cried but if you ever tried drinking a dog you’d know they don’t fit through the straw chicken pot pie is better when it’s made of marijuana I once had a sandwich so good that I orgasmed for ten days and by the third day My penis was making weird gargling noised but I covered it with a ham sandwhich but someone bit the ham sandwich and long story short now I’m not allowed to be governer of Minnesota stupid black state one time my wife made me sell the couch I said butthole I’m not selling my couch and I stabbed her but the thing about umbrellas is that they’re….

    Cosby drifts off…falling asleep in the tub of piping hot water.

    — Six hours pass.

    Theo enters…a distraught look on his face.

    Theo: What is it Rudy? I have finals tomorrow and Becky Valadeggo still won’t call me. Dad keeps telling her I’m a virgin. It’s true, but I don’t know why he has to tell her.

    Rudy: I played a trick on daddy! A funny fun trick!

    Theo: (Giggling) I bet you did. What’d you do? Hide his shoes? Put makeup on his face while he’s sleeping?

    Rudy: Nope! While daddy was sleeping in the bathtub, I poured hundreds of packets of Jell-O in there with him!

    Theo: That’s a great prank! Boy, he’ll be mad when he wakes up!

    Shot of Bill Cosby’s dead, crystallized carcass lying stiffly frozen in the pool of green Jell-O.

    The remaining children in the audience begin crying. Credits roll.

    A deep a’ dop a doodley doo!

  26. kakku says:

    obviousily there is a lot of happenings now a days,, we never came across that so far ,, means we r near to somthing ,only this makes sure wheather it is positive..

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