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March 5, 2008 | by  | in Online Only | [ssba]

Unlucky for some…

It has come to my attention that the Worker’s Party’s latest poster that has gone up around campus may be soon breaching the Electoral Finance Act.

According to an unnamed source The Workers Party has reached the threshold of 500 members. Rudimentary conversations with Workers Party member Joel Cosgrove has indicated that the party is currently awaiting validation from the Electoral Commission as to their efficacy as an accredited Political Party in the New Zealand Political Landscape.

If (or when) the Workers Party does become Validated the posters currently displayed around campus will be deemed illegal. The Electoral Finance Act states that in an election year all Party Advertisement (of which these posters undoubtedly are) will require an authorisation in the form of the current address of a validating party. The Latest Posters around campus do not have this.

According to Joel Cosgrove this is not just an issue facing the Workers Party – he claims that other campus political Parties – like Young Labour, have also reneged on putting addresses on their own posters. If this is true – and even if it’s not, all aspiring politicians should take heed of this post, and remind themselves of the new conditions and restrictions put upon them during an election year.

Keep your eyes peeled for a discussion of the EFA in Salient’s pages soon…


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  1. Jackson Wood says:

    Also the workers party tee shirts he wears, and Petermcc’s ACT on campus shirt, Sonny’s Labour tee… Gee whiz I wonder if my Muldoon shirt could also be classified under the EFA as an endorsement of National? will have to be registered. Watch out for our EFA edition not next week but the week after for more info about this, and how it relates to political groups on campus.

  2. John Milthous says:

    Makes a mockery of the EFA, as anyone is going to rigidly police it at student politics level. I think you will find that the government won’t be enforcing it too rigourously else they will get negative publicity about the law. A law such as this always has loopholes and trivial loop holes punch holes in the legitimacy of such laws so expect the government to ignore it else David Farrar will unveil more of those Banimarana, Kim Il Jong Billboards…

  3. peteremcc says:

    Actually they’re already breaking the EFA.

    Encouraging someone (or being reasonably seen to be encouraging someone) to vote for the workers party (even though they aren’t registered yet) means that at the same time you are encouraging someone to NOT vote for another party. No one/group (registered/unregistered) is allowed to do that without an authorisation statement.

    As for t-shirts… Our ACT on Campus ones are ok as they are just a logo and web address and have been ruled to not encourage a vote. Sonny’s (and other VicLabour memebrs) tee-shirts say “Keep Left” (not to mention the “vote grant robertson” on the back)… but that’s ok because the Labour ones ARE authorised.

  4. Dave says:

    Peter, thats rubbish. How can a encouragement to vote for a party that doesnt exist break the EFA? They’re not breaking the law..yet, depending what the posters say ( and I havent seen them). If they are just asking for menbers the EFA doesnt apply.

    If there are posters now that say “Give Your Party Vote to the Workers’ Party” they’re fine, but once they register, such posters would be problematic.

    As an unregistered party Joel’s party is not contesting party votes. Nobody can vote for it yet so it cant reasonably be regarded as influencing the election.

    However, once registered the Workers Party will be contesting for party votes and all posters must have a name and address.

  5. peteremcc says:

    So, the natinonal party could de-register itself at the beginning of the year, spend $100million through out the year, and then register as a party a couple of weeks out from the election and just make sure that all the signs had come down by then and only spend the 2.4 million max in those last few weeks?

  6. Kerry says:

    ROFL – yeah, PMcC, if they want to get done for a major rort.
    Hardly a brilliant campaign strategy.

  7. peteremcc says:

    yeah, that’s my point Kerry.

  8. Neilson says:

    To be registered as a third party National would need to sign a declaration as a non-contesting party and would then be unable to register.

    If the nats for example de-registered then they would still be promoting votes for a type of party and would be caught under EFA however if they signed a non-contesting declaration under 15(4) then they would be ineligible to stand any candidates and would be limited to EFA spend limits.

    And under the interpretations of the EFA if a party is registered at all during a regulated period all expenses incurred by that party throughout the regulated period that meet the other criteria are election expenses for that party.

    Therefore National cannot de-register spend, spend, spend and then register and spend their allowance then.


  9. way to dig a thread Peter.

    I don’t approve.

  10. Gibbon says:


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