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May 26, 2008 | by  | in News | [ssba]

Eye on Exec

“I (heart) my penis.” A day that will live on in infamy, judging by the national media attention that President Joel Cosgrove’s latest stunt received.

The Exec passed a motion of censure at last week’s meeting over Cosgrove’s decision to wear an “I ‘heart’ my penis” shirt to the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences’ graduation ceremony. The motion was passed with no objections from the Exec.

Being censured by the Exec has no practical effect as it is only an official telling off. In an apparent effort to avoid any further public disgrace, the Exec discussed Joel’s penis-y attire off the record.

Campaigns Officer Sonny Thomas was the driving force behind Joel’s censure, as well a motion of restriction of offensive dress (which was quickly thrown out due to its ambiguity).

Thomas seemed to be on a hating-on-Cosgrove rampage, expressing his disapproval of everything Cosgrove throughout the entire meeting.

Welfare Vice-President Melissa Barnard, Queer Officer Rachael Wright and Education Vice- President Rev. Paul Danger Brown appeared to be among the only level-headed Exec members who put importance on rectifying Joel’s bad call rather than bitching about it and probing him for ulterior motives.

The Exec must have been feeling highly insecure about their reputation as they went off the record five times during their hour-long meeting. I was beginning to worry that I would have nothing to write about, but Brown promised me he would go on the record and “swear a few times,” which was very thoughtful.

“Fuck!” he exclaimed.

In non penis-related business, Cosgrove finally handed in his work report. Brown believed there “were not [many] points for two weeks work.”

Cosgrove was also in the hot seat over his report on his trip to Australia. The Exec assisted Cosgrove financially for the trip and they now want answers.

Cosgrove agreed to email an outline of his “key findings” from his trip to each member of the Exec. A motion was passed that he must have his official report for the trip in by the next meeting or his pay would be docked.

Cosgrove said that he was “planning to get it done today” but he had to deal with the graduation aftermath.

For news that will make environmental and veggie garden enthusiasts on-campus happy – the Exec moved that they will support in principle the idea of a student garden on campus.

The Exec also expressed concern about the Education Faculty’s troubles, where 29 staff jobs are on the chopping block. It was agreed there needed to be “a strong presence” of Exec members at Faculty protest the following day.

Setting up a rep group for Education students and considering a budget for their activities and general maintenance is being looked into by the Exec.

During the meeting, the Exec also received a profit and loss report and talked about it but did this off the record, which means I cannot write about it here or I’ll get in trouble. But in a long-awaited resurfacing of the whole VUWSA finances re-budget issue, a day-long meeting is scheduled for next week.


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  1. blogette says:

    it is outrageous that important financial matters are discussed in privacy like this

  2. Financial Matters? Pssshh.

    I think it’s outrageous that the Exec hasn’t publically mourned the end of Nathan Cooper’s reign as Queer Rights Imposter.

    That guy was awesome…

  3. Dish says:

    yeah – how can they talk about financial stuff ‘off the record’?

  4. Russian Federation says:

    But then who really cares that much?

  5. Dish says:

    I’d care if they were talking about my money off the record

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