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May 17, 2008 | by  | in Online Only | [ssba]

Polls as of May 08. National need a surfboard to ride this wave…

Here are the national polls as of May 08. National are absolutely dominating, despite not yet announcing any seriously hard hitting policy initiatives. It looks like tired government syndrome has struck again. Poll results after the jump.

The latest polls, it’s still too early to do any real analysis of the data here, so im opening it up to the floor. What do you guys think? Does National have an unsurmountable lead? And if so, what the fuck is justifying the gap?

Party Vote Polls, May 08


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  1. Jeeves says:

    Labour is out of touch and people want a change. Same thing that happened to National in 1999. I guess we’ll hear the serious policy soon, but it will be poll driven and won’t rock the boat. Again, same as Labour in 1999.

  2. But why the shift to the right? Why aren’t the Greens picking up any substantial gains in the polls? According to this poll they are fairly static. I’m just posing that as a question here.

  3. Chris says:

    “despite not yet announcing any seriously hard hitting policy initiative”
    Err, broadband?

  4. hahahah you must be joking.

  5. Jeeves says:

    You’d think $1.5 billion was serious?

  6. It’s just parrying Labour’s own policy. Its hardly ‘hard hitting’.

  7. Kerry says:

    National policy has been weak, and “in development” for most of the past 2 years, to the point where they can’t be questioned on any firm policy statements from any other party, because they don’t know where they stand on anything.
    (correction: Bill English has always blatently supported education vouchers, whether the party policy reflects that or not… I s’pose that counts as his own personal own-goal, which is something that runs in his family – google his son, Rory English, for interesting blog behaviour!)

    Strangely, other parties work out policy positions before designing campaign materials (well, the Greens certainly do, and I think the Maaori Party has headed in that direction, too), so perhaps National might surf towards some better planning before they get caught with the Emperor’s New Clothes showing to all and sundry.

    Polls this early often are an indicator of the electorate’s message to the incumbents, rather than a firm indicator of voting patterns to be enacted.
    It’s going to be an interesting one, still.
    Might be time to stock up on the makings of buckets of G’n’T.

  8. Critical_Lemon says:

    The fibre optic policy is just pandering to a buzz-topic at the moment which is a seriously misunderstood one. While rolling out all that fancy wiring to almost every home in the country sounds nice, there is no actual practical use for it.

    Having spoken to a couple of National MP’s (and had two lecture us in POLS111) I’m of the impression that they’re waiting as late as possible to announce policy so that Labour doesn’t adopt the policy itself before most of the country knows about it (like they did in 2005).

  9. Jeeves says:

    Well it’s not parrying Labour policy – you only need to see Labour’s reaction to understand that. I think Critical Lemon is right, though a) it’s a silly policy buzz thing, and b) they don’t want Labour to steal their ideas again.

  10. John Lock says:

    All the Nats have to do is not make any big fuckups and it’s theirs. Labour aren’t doing badly or anything too wrong – people are just bored of them and want change. If voting in elections was reserved for people who actually understood what they were voting for, the Nats wouldn’t stand a chance. Apart from being incompetent and divided, they’re a front for greedy fat-fingered 90s politicians who don’t give a shit for the average kiwi. These people are simply interested in lining their pockets at the expense of others.

    I realise there is the occasional decent hearted Nat, but they aren’t exactly on the front bench. And when they are, they don’t last long. Katherine Rich.

    And anyway, the Nats have nothing to offer under 30 year olds. The average older Nat supporter despises young Nat supporters more than they do young Labour supporters.

    Wake up young Nats – think for yourselves rather than walking in daddies footsteps.

  11. Critical_Lemon says:

    There’s a bit of a pattern. Socialist government helps the social side of things for a couple of terms to be replaced by a capitalist one that sorts out the economic mess of the socialists. It works well.

  12. John Lock says:

    Yeah, unfortunately the Nats keep on screwing the economy up. It’s usually Labout that makes things good. I’d have more respect for the right if they did there job properly. Hell, I’d even vote for them every forth term if so.

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