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July 28, 2008 | by  | in Music | [ssba]

This Week In Music

There’s probably a few things we should realise happen in the music world every week; A rocker goes into rehab, a rapper gets shot, a metal head drinks himself to death, some indie kids display superb music snobbery, and Britney Spears becomes a lulzcow for some lucky paparazzi. But this is what else happened this week:

Brian Wilson Actually Cool Guy – New Yorkers Not So Much
New Yorkers are pretty heartless bastards. The former Beach Boy announced that audience members who were unsatisfied with his ‘Stand Up For A Cure’ charity performance at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York on July 11 can claim a refund. For a charity concert. Some concert-goers complained of poor visibility, the fact that Wilson ‘only’ played for 75 minutes, and apparently didn’t like Wilson’s choice of songs.

Chinese Government Doesn’t Like Bjork
Bjork has managed to upstage Salient in the Chinese-offending stakes by getting all foreign musicians who pose a threat to Chinese national sovereignty banned from performing in the country. The rule comes after Bjork shouted ‘Tibet!’ during a performance of her song ‘Declare Independence’ in Shanghai this March. Bjork, meet oppression of free speech, oppression of free speech, meet Bjork.

Lydon Racist? Okereke Jealous?
Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke was attacked by associates of John Lydon (formerly Johnny Rotten) after Okereke asked if Lydon’s post-Sex Pistols band, Public Image Ltd, would ever reunite. Lydon reportedly became aggressive and members of his entourage began to shout insults including ‘your problem is your black attitude’. Three of them then attacked Okereke, inflicting severe bruising and cuts, as well as attacking Ricky Wilson (Kaiser Chiefs) and Yannis Philippakis (Foals) when they tried to intervene. Okereke has called Lydon a ‘bigot’ and Lydon has called Okereke and co ‘jealous fools’ and told them to ‘grow up’.

No More Russian Emos!
Excusing the fact that ‘emo’ is pretty much impossible to define these days, Russian politicians are moving to prevent them from entering schools or government buildings. Claiming that emo culture is ‘negative’ and calling it a ‘dangerous teen trend’, the plan is to ban emo and goth styles of dress. True to form, Russian emos protested, and the singer from Russian emo band MAIO whined (presumably) something about how expressing emotions wasn’t illegal; though it seems that looking like Satan’s bitchy, ‘different’ son will be.

Best Of The Rest
Pete Docherty had an arrest warrant issued, then revoked, then someone broke into his house, then he said that that was a tabloid lie, A UK study found that drummers are supposedly fitter (or at least exercise more) than professional footballers, Amy Winehouse’s Madame Tussaud’s wax-alike was unveiled, lookers-on threw up, ABBA sold more records in the wake of the release of ‘Mamma Mia’ than they probably did in the last 10 years, we noticed that for Pete Docherty, Damon Albarn/Jamie Hewitt, Amy Winehouse, and Kanye West, being in the news once just wasn’t enough, and yeah, a shitload of festivals happened last weekend.


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