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September 12, 2008 | by  | in Online Only | [ssba]


The Prime Minister has called a press conference in 30 minutes…

Election date or Winston Peters dismissal? Or both!

I’ll update the post after I find out. Unless I don’t… in which case you guys can do it for me.



Ok so it was Election. As Mr. Archer has pointed out below it is going to be on the 8th of November. Giving us 8 weeks or so of ads and politicians warming Wellington by releasing hot air on the hustings.

Labour have come out saying that the election is about who you can trust. Labour’s new policy initiatives will be released shortly have continued to show their ignorance about how MMP works and have started their official election coverage with a picture of Key looking longingly at Clark with “Nov 08” in the middle. There are other parties involved in this election guys…

Hopefully with all hubbub around Winston will die down now and we can settle down to have some good debate about policy.

But yeah. YAY for elections (and erections. They’re good too!)


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  1. Nick Archer says:

    Election Day 8th of November.

    I miss it as I am in a plane over the Pacific at the time on my way back from America, the trade off I suppose of witnessing in person the US election…

  2. Michael Oliver says:

    8 weeks of (hopefully) awesome Bill & Ben antics.

  3. Dr. Peter Manglethwaite says:

    I’d just like to note that Jordan Carter Labour candidate for Hunua, cannot count. In an email today he wrote:

    “From today, this Friday, until election day on Saturday 8 November, is nine weeks and one day. Sixty four days.”

    It is actually 57 days… Do you trust a party that can’t count?

  4. Wee Hamish (who did not stop crying from Aberdeen tah Auckland) says:

    Speaking as someone who has recently emigrated from the United Kingdom, and therefore a vastly more sophisticated and comprehensive political system, I must say that this announcement by the Prime Minister (which essentially doubled as a Labour Party campaign commercial) annoyed me – perhaps as much as when my dad stuffed me in the overhead compartment for apparently “crying” from Aberdeen to Auckland (a slanderous statement he continues to propagate on national television for the benefit of ANZ, but that’s another story).

    Why did it get under mah kilt and blow cold air, you may ask? Well, first of all… oh shit, here comes Dad. He thinks I’m just online talking to that slut from the Hyundai commercials. Gotta go, but trust me, I’m right pissed.

    Love, Hamish

  5. “He thinks I’m just online talking to that slut from the Hyundai commercials”

    Fuck. Lol.

  6. Moron says:

    Jordan Carter is a moron with a patronising tone and a fake job. Also I thought gays were meant to be attractive and well- groomed. I am also an unattractive moron, but it takes one to know one.

  7. Gordon from Glasgow (who has deal with Wee Hamish (who did not stop crying from Aberdeen tah Auckland) says:

    Foork you son. I didnae stuff you in the overhead compartment, that is a barefaced lie. I did pretend you weren’t mine a little, which isnay far from the truth the way I am feeling right now.

    That’s it you little shite! Your grounded! An’ you’ll be getting a spanking later on! Which is what I shudda done somewhere between Aberdeen and Auckland, but me and your lovely mother were too busy drinking the dooty free we purchased.

  8. Michael Oliver says:


    thread saved

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