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Work for Salient in 2009. It’ll be awesome!

Incoming Editor Jackson Wood is looking to fill the following positions


Paid, 40 hour week position. Looking for a slick designer with experience in Adobe Suite and Mac. Please submit CV and a portfolio.

News Editor

Paid, 20 hour position. Responsible for eight pages of news per issue, and an occasional feature. Must be the Yin to my Yang. News writing experience, knowledge of VUWSA & VUW would be ace. Please submit CV and sample of your work.

Feature Writers

Paid, 7-10 hour position. Looking to hire three people to do a major cover story feature every three weeks and submit smaller features occasionally. Passion for the truth grounded in reason and high intelligence. Please submit CV and sample of your work.

Chief Sub-Editor

Paid, 5 hour position. Grammar and spelling Nazis welcome.

Off Campus Distributor

Paid, 3 hours a week. Get Salient out to the masses

On Campus Distributor

Paid, 5 hours a week. Ensure Salient reaches the satellite campuses.

Volunteer Positions

Paid in pizza and praise

Arts Editor

One arty person needed to co-ordinate the Arts section of the magazine. Films, theatre, music, gigs, visual arts etc. Have your say on the scene.

News Writers

Work with the News Editor to bring comprehensive cover of student affairs on campus and in Wellington. The thrill of the scoop is exhilarating, kinda like smoking crack. Get addicted today.


Got something to say? Write about news and current events or your whim and fancy on the Salient Blogs.

Campus Correspondents

Penetrate the goings on of Pipitea, Te Aro and Karori campuses and report back to your fellow students

Cos we love you.


Come draw for us.


Salient has a wicked camera and a tripod!


Salient TV calls you


Humour or serious we want you!


Gamers, Arts, Film, Music, gigs, theatre yadda yadda yadda.


Make sure Jackson’s spelunk and grammer skillz iz good.


You are the lifeblood of Salient. Come help make 2009 a wicked year for Salient.

All applications, expressions of interest or requests for more information can be sent to


About the Author ()

The editor of this fine rag for 2009.

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  1. Jackson is awesome and you should write for him. Although he might eat you because he’s the BOOGY MONSTER, but hey. Whatevs.

  2. Jackson Wood says:

    Jackson Wood would like to point out that he is not in fact the Boogy Monster. He is actually the Man in the Moon. He will however still eat you. NOM NOM NOM

  3. Eleanor Bishop says:

    Just one “Arts Editor” to co-ordinate all the Arts? Why?

  4. Wee Hamish says:

    Don’t write for this guy, he lures children into his gingerbread house with promises of jokes and boiled sweeties.

  5. Wee Hamish says:

    No, wait, that’s Peter Manglethwaite. Jackson’s coolshoes, ya’ll should write for him.

  6. Jackson Wood says:

    There will (hopefully) be a cohesive flow between all of the arts. We would also have a continuity of quality within the section and organisation of volunteers would be easier.

  7. blogette says:

    you’re asking one person to do the job of what was previously five people’s job – for free

    are you insane?

  8. Its been suggested, but its a good idea and people have started applying for the position already.

  9. Jackson Wood says:

    I’m not asking one person to write 8 pages of content blogette. I’m asking them to coordinate it. Very different.

  10. Superior Mind says:

    I heartily endorse this new editor chappie. He seems like a thoroughly good sort wot wot.

  11. t-bone of truth says:

    I don’t know about this whole three features writer business. Cause you still gotta do a basic miniumum of work whether you’re writing 1000 (decent, informed) words or 2000. and from experience, its often a hell of a lot more than 7 hours. not that i do it for the money, for that would be crazed and naive and also embarassingly self-defeating. but that extra 3 hours could mean not having to take another job or whatever. which could potentially make a significant difference to quality, quantity and humour.

    ps. congratulations, blondie.

  12. Jackson Wood says:

    Very true t-bone.
    Salient has had a frugal year so we may not have to cut the budget. I intend to try and have feature writers on the full 10 hours per week and over the holidays. Also there may not be three writers (who are as awesome as Tania and Jenna) in which case we’ll try and operate on two. Who knows. I don’t.

    But I didn’t want to get peoples’ hopes up if they came in relying on the job and then discovered that it would be less.

    (I also just made these today (in consultation with T-Dawg) so that they could go into the mag. They’re supposed to be more of an outline to solicit interest than an actual job description.)

  13. Johnny Vegas says:

    If someone didn’t want to work for salient in a job position but submitted the occasional article or column casual-like that was good, would you accept them?

  14. Jackson Wood says:

    Fuck yeah! We’ll take anything… Salient is the voice of students anyone can submit stuff. It would be acer if it was at least semi regularly but we could work something out!

  15. Mr Magoo says:

    It’s about time someone wanted me :(

  16. Gibbon says:

    Bring back Steve Nicoll
    Well done Jackson Gibbo wishes you best of luck

  17. Haimona Gray says:

    Good luck Mr Rudd, to quote yourself “I am a man, not a nacho” poignant and eloquent, just keep that Manglethwaite out of the office… and into Parliament.

    Petey 4 Wellington Central 08

  18. Nick Archer says:

    Having one Arts editor could work, you would just need someone committed and keen which I am sure there will be plenty of people and also they will probably pick the images that go into that section with the editor and designer… Key would be just getting the volunteer writers along to the gigs, films and events etc…

    Visual Arts is tricky area due to there being less writers also they might find plenty of Visual Arts writers up at the Art History department (I know that they have some writers who do the Adam Art Gallery blurbs) also chat to Ron at White Fungus magazine as he will know people who want to write, for the galleries pretty much they will need to just spend a day going around to the galleries/ringing them and emailing them and getting onto their invite lists. Ditto for books (Unity and Dymocks are the two main ones for their book launches where the author will be also).

    Music and Film are easy as everyone likes free gigs and movies… Theatre is trickier as you need to be aware of the local scene the other Jackson or Eleanor, and if they stick with computer games they might want to try to get freebies from Gamesman and EB Games etc…

    Pretty much everything else takes care of itself in the usual organic manner depending on the writers you get and content…

  19. Eleanor Bishop says:

    I think it’s a good idea to have one arts editor Jackson. My only worry is that you would get someone who had a particular preference for one or two art forms and that would be film or music and you would find visual arts, books and theatre dropping off in content.

    From my own personal perspective, I think it is very important that Salient has two pages of Theatre content every week – it’s the only rag in town to do so and thus fulfills an important role in the theatre community.

  20. Eleanor: I suspect J. Wood’s cunning plan is to have a single Arts Editor who oversees all the other reviewers. There’d still be just as many writers in as many fields, but there’d be one person who’s charged with liaising with Jackson about content and making sure everyone’s got their submissions in on time. It makes sense to me, anyway.

  21. Nina Fowler says:

    Oi, I want to be a feature writer. But just tried to email you and got an error message! Jackson, you got another email so I don’t have to put my CV and sloppy writing portfolio out in public?

  22. Ben Doon says:

    I are smrt an mayk jorno juno j fukit. Me want right badd fur Slavient. Wil pervide muny favers.

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