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March 23, 2009 | by  | in Online Only | [ssba]

Salient gets technological

Salient is, and has been, at the cutting edge of technology for quite a while.

We use state of the art CRAY super computers and top notch software like Publisher 98 to bring you the magazine every week.

So it was only natural that once we got a website with a “web log” function, that we branched out into other forms of social networking for retarded, ADHD, people on the go. There are now a plethora of ways that you can get your Salient fix without even leaving your bed.

Too lazy to email? Text message us on 027CUSTARD (027 287 8273), you might even get a personalised response from Salient! Best texts during the week will be published.

Addicted to Facebook? We are too! Check out the Salient Facebook page and become a fan. We love our fans and occasionally do give aways through there, so sell us your soul now.

Have the attention span of a gnat? Live news updates, musings and breaking stories at Twitter:

Oh yeah and we have this pretty cool website that some guys over in India maintain for us for about 80 Rupee a day. We even have RSS feed thingy-ma-jigs that take the news from our site and put it into your computers. It’s crazy. Don’t ask me how it works… I just don’t know. So visit the website. Comment on the stories and be merry


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  1. Mikey says:

    I hear these guys Samuel and Alfred are developing some kind of electric telegraph. Maybe we should look into it?

  2. owen says:

    That wood not work.

  3. Gohan_Aro_01 says:

    HAH. You call this technological? I was tweeting back in 1992, through a little application I call The Internet. It’s pretty sweet. HAH. My friend who works at CERN said:

    “Gohan: Please refrain from any (bleep) or (bleep) -ing or (bleep) -esting or (bleep) -eing or finger (bleep) or (bleep) or even (bleep) . And please use a (bleep) when you (bleep) me. And if any of this winds up on the internet, I will (bleep) you in the (bleep).”

    HAH. I bleeped her alright. And took the internet along for the ride.

    I would post my adult site links here, but the moderators are so un-l337 they would take them down. HAH. What’s wrong with a little bit of nerd-core-porn?

  4. currymuncher says:

    $1000 bucks a year for web design? You’re getting ripped off and you’re not funny.

  5. Superior Mind says:

    I am the 99th Salient fan on FaceBook, who wants to be lucky #100?

    (I forgot I even had a FaceBook page until Jackson looked me up.)

  6. Mikey says:

    It’s meeeeee!

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